Shots Fired! Kanye West Blasts Wiz Khalifa: “You Let a Stripper Trap You”

We thought it was all love in the tight jean community but apparently it isn’t. Kanye West just went on an epic rant aimed at Wiz Khalifa telling him he got “trapped by a stripper” i.e. Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose who is now the mother of Wiz’s child. The beef started after Khalifa wrote, “Hit this kk and become yourself,” who West thought was short for his wife’s name Kim Kardashian. (Khalifa now says he was talking about a specific strain of weed.) This also followed Kanye’s decision to change the name of his album from “Swish” to “Waves” and Wiz let it be known that the word “wave” was originally coined by Max B, who is currently serving a long prison stretch. That’s around the time Kanye went off quite disrespectfully saying things like, “I own your child!” among other things.  Check it out below…

Kanye thought Wiz was sending a subliminal shot about his wife Kim Kardashian when Wiz posted this:

That perceived slight was enough to set West off, and he’s spent the last 30 minutes batting back at Wiz over the quality and authenticity of his music, his clothing choices, the mother of his child (model Amber Rose, who is also West’s ex-girlfriend), and Wiz’s cellphone number. (The tweets about Rose mark the point where the rant becomes a little unsavory.) If you just want the highlights, consider that Kanye has a) used the hashtag #wizwearscoolpants, b) promoted his wife’s custom emoji line, c) claimed to own Khalifa’s child, and d) repeatedly proclaimed himself the greatest artist of all time. – via verge


Amber Rose has since replied to Kanye with a pretty epic clapback of her own:

Damn! Lol Ok Amber! How is Kanye dissing Amber for being a stripper when his wife became famous off a sex tape…with Ray J of all people? Kanye is definitely delusional when it comes to Kim.

If you have some time to kill check out Kanye’s disrespectful tweets below….

Lol…yeah I bet Amber Rose exposing that Kanye likes to have his booty hole played with made him think twice about this whole war of words. What do you think of this mess?

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