Shots Fired! Meek Mill Accuses Drake of Not Writing His Own Rhymes & Releases Video of Safaree Twerking?!

Meek Mill was definitely on one judging by the epic rant he went on social media last night! Meek went OFF on Twitter last night claiming that Drake didn’t write his verse for Meek’s album, and if he would’ve known that before, he would’ve taken him off it. He also randomly took a shot at Nicki’s ex-boyfriend Safaree a.k.a. SB by posting a video which shows someone who is supposed to be Safaree twerking like a chick? Meek also deleted all of his pictures of Nicki off of his Instagram account leading many to speculate that may have broken up even though Nicki still has her pictures of Meek on her page. Check out Meek’s epic rant and the video he posted of Safaree twerking below….


This is the video Meek posted of Safaree a.k.a. SB twerking back in the days…





We’re not exactly sure what caused Meek’s epic rant but when someone asked industry insider Karen Civil what exactly caused this whole rift between Meek and Drake, Karen says it was because Drake didn’t show up to Meek’s homecoming concert…


Wow! That’s a whole lot of social media venting. This whole situation is a big L for everyone involved. Meek sounds like an emotional cry baby throwing a hissy fit over Drake not tweeting his album link and/or not showing up to his concert. This would be the second time Meek did that – he threw the same fit with his labelmate Wale a while back. If what Meek said about Drake not writing his own rhymes is true, that’s also not a good look for Drake.  And say it ain’t so Safaree?! What the hell was he doing in that video?! Nicki takes an L for putting herself smack dab in the middle of all this b.s. while at the same time, whining about not being nominated for a VMA Award last night all over Twitter. What do you think about what Meek and his epic Twitter rant? Who do you think would win in a battle between Meek and Drake? Let us know!

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