Snoop Dogg Upset About NFL’s New Gun Policy

This year, the NFL started training players on how to use guns properly in certain situations, which angered one of the league’s biggest stars. While this has nothing to do with NFL betting, it might create some bad publicity for the league, which has been trying to repair its image for the past couple of seasons.

The new policy was reportedly put in place after former NFL player Zurlon Tipton was shot by one of the two guns he had in a duffel bag after the gun accidentally discharged and hit him in the stomach. Tipton eventually died of the gunshot wound.

According to reports, Snoop’s problem with the new NFL gun policy is the fact that he doesn’t think it is a priority at the moment. Snoop posted a video online in which he said that players have been pleading with the NFL for years to allow them to use marijuana to treat football related injuries, but the league refused to budge. Some players who have been outspoken about the benefits of medical marijuana have even been released from their contracts, which didn’t sit too well with Snoop.

Snoop feels that by changing its gun policy, the NFL is basically condoning the use of guns, while increasing the chances of more violence, instead of addressing the issues players have with their health as a result of football.

Snoop also questioned the reasoning behind encouraging men who are likely suffering from some sort of head trauma to buy guns.

According to former running back Jamal Anderson, when he used to play, about 40 to 50 percent of players used marijuana. Today, Anderson says the number of players that use the drug has risen to about 60 percent.

Anderson said the reason for the rise in the use of marijuana is the fact that the younger players don’t believe in the stigma that the older generation did when it comes to smoking marijuana. Anderson said that to the young guys, smoking marijuana is seen as a normal thing like drinking a beer, and since they know it helps them recover from injuries, they are more inclined to use it more than before.

Despite the increased marijuana use in the NFL, players that test positive for the drug face harsh punishments. On player that decided to speak on condition of anonymity, said that players know when the test is, and once they pass it, they are free to smoke as much as they want for the rest of the season.

Although NFL players are getting away with smoking marijuana once they pass their drug test, Snoop believes that they shouldn’t have to hide their use of the drug or be penalized for it.

The NFL currently has a concussion crisis that has led to the retirement of several players who are still in their 20s. Research has shown that marijuana helps with the symptoms of concussions and brain injuries, which is why players are advocating for the use of the drug.

The players also believe that marijuana is a better alternative to the painkillers team doctors pump them full of, but it doesn’t seem as if the NFL will change their stance on the drug anytime soon. – via

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