Steve Harvey Blasts “Punk A** People” Who Started Petition To Remove His Radio Show & Takes Shots At D.L. Hughley [AUDIO]

Steve Harvey is still upset about the backlash he received after meeting with Donald Trump and went off on his radio show this morning blasting his critics and the people who created a petition to have his show removed. His rant may make his situation worse being that he basically said that blacks are too weak, fat and lazy to protest against him anyway. He also seemed to take some shots at fellow comedian D.L. Hughley who also criticized some of the moves his peer has been making lately. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

If you missed what D.L. Hughley said about black athletes and comedians like Steve Harvery meeting with Trump, check it out here…

We agree 110% with D.L. Hughley about this one. Steve Harvey should’ve never got a pass after he pulled that stunt supporting Paula Deen’s racist ass! Now, he’s showing his true colors once again by throwing black people under the bus all because we’re beginning to hold black celebrities accountable for their shucking & jiving. F Steve Harvey if you ask us. How do YOU feel about him after this whole situation?

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