Syrian American Family Who Voted for Trump Gets Deported

SMH….if this isn’t the perfect example of karma then we don’t know what is. Check out this story about a Syrian family who are currently regretting their strange decision to vote for Donald Trump…..

A family in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is currently fighting the deportation of their relatives who recently arrived from Syria. It’s a story that’s playing out all across the country, but, in this case, there’s a twist. This family, the Assali family, voted for Donald Trump even though he made no secret of his plan to ban Muslims from entering the country.

Sarmad and her husband Dr. Ghassan Assali have been living in the United States for 20 years and have been preparing for her the arrival of her brothers’ families since 2003. They were approved for entry in December of 2016, but were turned away at the airport and sent back to Syria.

 On Sunday, Dr. Assali appeared alongside Penslvyian Gov. Tom Wolf where he condemned Trump’s executive order and compared it to the actions of ISIS.
‘America is not America. Like ISIS now, they ask, ‘Are you Christian? What do you believe?’ And if they are not saying what they believe, they kick you out and they cut your head off. So America, same thing. They ask you are you Muslim? You’ve got to change your religion. Thank you.’

For her part, Sarmad Assali said that she understands Trump’s desire to keep America safe, but believes that we need to help those in need.

‘I understand he wants to make America safe. We’re all on with this. I definitely want to be in a safe place. But people need us and we need to be there for them.’

She also had a question for the president, “Why? Where is your human side to send somebody to a war zone?” – via bipartisanreport

SMH…..Well, we have a question for you too. Why the hell would you vote for Donald Trump in the first place ya’ big dummies?! He said he was going to ban Muslims during his whole campaign…and he did! You’re getting exactly what you deserve. Next time, pay attention to who you’re voting for and you might not find yourself in these types of predicaments. What do YOU think about this story?

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