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Georgia Father’s Inspirational Videos of Him & His Son Dancing Go Viral! [VIDEO]

A Georgia father wanted to inspire other dads to build strong relationships with their children so he decided to post some videos of him and his 4-year-old son dancing. Now, Stanley Freeland and his son, Josiah, are getting the internet’s attention for the dance videos they post to social media. Their videos have now gone viral racking up thousands of hits and even got the media’s attention! Check out their story below…

Father Goes Viral After Defending His Bi-Racial Daughter’s Hair From His Racist Baby Mama

A father by the name of Nick Harris had his Facebook post go viral for good reason. The father, who happens to be black, posted a disturbing conversation he was having about his daughter’s hair with the mother of his child, who happens to be white. Harris had taken their young daughter to get her hair cornrowed. The mother, identified only as “Babymom,” responded cruelly, saying she did not want her daughter to have an “ugly black hairstyle.” She went on making some disgusting, racist comments about her biracial daughter like, “She looks black and she’s not! I hate that [s**t].” that left people fuming mad. To his credit, the father stayed amazingly calm while enduring the vicious vitriol she was spewing. Check out the post below and let us know what you think….