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4 Tips to Get Teens Ready for the Big College Entrance Exam Day

The words “SAT” and “ACT often strike fear in the hearts of teenagers across the country. Much pressure is placed upon these college entrance exams, and it’s normal to feel like your entire future depends on a single test. While SAT and ACT scores are important to colleges, it’s important that as a teen, you know that with proper preparation, anyone can perform well on these standardized tests. As parents with stressed-out teens, you should know how to make sure they are as prepared as possible for the big day….

22-Year-Old Identical Twins Raised by Single Mom Both Graduate College Early with Their MBAs!

Now this is the definition of #BlackExcellence! Check out this inspiring story below….

J.Cole Blesses His College Sweetheart With a 4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

It seems like a lot of rappers are catching the marriage bug lately? Congratulations are in order for Roc Nation rapper Jermaine Lamarr Cole also known as J. Cole and longtime girlfriend of 10 years Melissa Heholt who are finally walking down the aisle! Check out the details below…

Trayvon Martin’s Brother Jahvaris Graduates from College With a Bachelor of Science Degree

In today’s ‘Good News of the Day’, Jahvaris Fulton, the older brother of slain Sanford, Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, recently graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Check out the details below…

QuestBridge Non-Profit Offers Smart Kids From Low-Income Families Full Scholarships To College!

In honor of the start of the school year, we have this article which you might be interested in about a nonprofit organization by the name of QuestBridge which has been quietly -under the radar- sending some of our best and brightest kids from low-income families to some of the best universities…for free! Check it out below…

Inspirational! Black Eyed Peas Star Will.i.am Sent These 4 Boys To College & They Didn’t Disappoint! [VIDEO]

In today’s ‘Good News of the Day’, we have the story of four high school students, Jaiquann, Elijah, Darien and Barien who were accepted into their dream universities but couldn’t afford to go. Thanks to the generous “i.am scholarship” foundation created by Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am they were all able to attend the university of their choice and make the best of themselves. Check out their inspirational story below…

Jadakiss Sends His Son Off To College With a Proud Father’s Blessing

Yonkers-bred rapper Jadakiss took a break from his rapper persona to touch on a more personal side of his life – his son going to college. Jada posted a heartfelt message to his son, Jaewon, on Instagram congratulating him on his acceptance into Clark Atlanta University in true father form. Check it out below…

9-Year-Old Girl Recruited for University of Miami Basketball Team?! [VIDEO]

Watch out Lebron, a fourth grader is coming for your spot! Jaden Newman is only 9, but her skills on the basketball court are earning her the attention of one of the nation’s most prestigious college sports programs. Check out her amazing story below….

Two College Students Arrested for Refusing To Pull Up Their Sagging Pants

You can take an individual out of the hood but you can’t always take the hood out of the individual! Check out the story of two college kids who got arrested because they refused to pull up their sagging pants below…

Florida Girl, Grace Bush, Graduates from High School & College In the Same Week?!

In today’s good news of the day, we have  a 16-year-old South Florida girl who has double reason to celebrate: She’s collecting diplomas from both high school AND college within the space of one week! Check out her inspirational story below….

Inspirational “A-B-C” Speech By HBCU College Graduate Goes Viral! [VIDEO]

This is definitely a must-see inspirational speech by a HBCU college student breaking down the A,B,C’s of life in what just might be the best college speech we’ve heard in a while! Check it out below…

Florida H.S. Teen Chad Thomas Offered Over 150 Scholarships!

In today’s good news of the day, we have 18-year-old Chad Thomas who is a senior at Booker T. Washington Senior High in Miami he has been offered 150 scholarships for his football skills and his abilities as a nine-instrument musician! Check out his inspirational story below…

Rappers & College: 15 Rappers Who Went To Universities

Despite what many would have you believe, including some rappers themselves, many of today’s hip hop heavyweights are much more educated than you might imagine. This post was inspired by a viral video of a young lady going on a rant about some of problems plaguing the black community, one of which being rappers who are quick to brag to the impressionable youth about how much money they make and how much drugs they sold but slow to talk about what college they attended and their academic success. Here is a list of 15 rappers who you may or may not have known attended universities. Some even graduated with 4.0 GPA’s! Take a look at the list below because some of them are sure to surprise you….