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Charles Barkley Calls Mother of Police Shooting Victim “Ugly” After She Blasts Him for Defending Corrupt Cops In Baltimore[VIDEO]

Whose bright idea was it to give former NBA baller Charles Barkley a.k.a. Mr. Foot In His Mouth a show about race and politics? The basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst will debut “The Race Card” on the network in 2017, a show revolving around racism in America. During one particularly tense segment, the ever-clueless commentator managed to offend the mother of a teen who was killed by police and made things worse by implying that she was “ugly” after she gave him a piece of her mind! Everything went downhill after that…..SMH. Check out the details and some of the footage below…

Steve Harvey Blasts “Punk A** People” Who Started Petition To Remove His Radio Show & Takes Shots At D.L. Hughley [AUDIO]

Steve Harvey is still upset about the backlash he received after meeting with Donald Trump and went off on his radio show this morning blasting his critics and the people who created a petition to have his show removed. His rant may make his situation worse being that he basically said that blacks are too weak, fat and lazy to protest against him anyway. He also seemed to take some shots at fellow comedian D.L. Hughley who also criticized some of the moves his peer has been making lately. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Stacey Dash Is Fired From Fox News & Social Media Is Loving It!

In another episode of “When Coonin’ Goes Wrong”, social media is rejoicing over the news that controversial Fox contributor Stacey Dash has been fired from Fox News!  A representative for the network confirmed the parting of ways over the weekend, pointing out that Dash has not appeared on Fox News since September. Dash has yet to comment on the matter, but continues to identify herself as a Fox News “contributor” in her Twitter bio. Check out the field day Twitter users are having over her long overdue departure….

Lil Wayne Says He Feels No Connection To Black Lives Matter: “Don’t Come At Me With That Dumb Sh**, Maam” [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne stirred up some controversy with some comments he made regarding his disconnection to the Black Lives Matter movement on ‘Nightline’ recently. In the interview, the rapper claimed that he can’t relate to the BLM movement because he is a young, rich and black man with a white cameraman recording him. He also told the interviewer that any struggles that black people are going through have nothing to do with him and warned her not to “come at me with that dumb sh**” among other things. Check out the footage below…

Laila Ali Says She Supports ‘All Lives Matter’ Because She Doesn’t Want To Lose Endorsements

Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree. Muhammed Ali’s daughter, Laila, says that she won’t support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement because she doesn’t want to “step on any toes” and lose any of her lucrative sponsorships. Check out an excerpt from her interview with HuffPostLive below…..

Wendy Williams Backtracks After Saying White People Should Be Offended By Black Colleges [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams has been getting blasted on social media for comments she made on her talk show about HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Wendy started off her rant talking about Jesse Williams’ powerful speech and then went left in a rant about how white people should be offended by HBCU’s and organizations like the NAACP? She’s currently getting roasted on it on social media. Check out what she said below….

Karl Malone Blasts #BlackLivesMatter Movement: ‘Black People Need To ‘Stop Looking For A Handout’

SMH…they sure don’t make stand-up, civil rights orientated athletes like they used to! Add Karl Malone to the growing list of black athletes and entertainers to make sweeping, negative generalizations about the entire black community in a public forum. According to Charles Barkley and now Karl Malone, the #BlackLivesMatter movement that sprung up in the wake of all the police shootings of unarmed black men is a waste of time because black people are solely responsible for the position they’re in. Check out what he had to say below…

T.I. Rushes In To Defend Iggy Azalea After Q-Tip Schools Iggy On Hip Hop History

T.I. has once again stepped up to defend his artist Iggy Azalea who has been receiving both accolades and criticism lately. Azalea, recently, won her first award from the American Music Awards taking home Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album artist and Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album, while being the most nominated artist of the event in six categories. Azalea was also nominated for eight MTV Video Music Awards, also making her the most nominated artist in the 2014 edition of that event, and won an award with Ariana Grande for Best Pop Video for the single “Problem”. With all those accolades came a lot of frustrated grumblings from both Hip Hop fans and Hip Hop artists who felt that Iggy’s success is due mainly to her complexion (most notably Azealia Banks, click here if you missed it). Well, after A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip jumped into the discussion the other day by politely giving Iggy a history lesson on the origins of Hip Hop for her own benefit, T.I. decided to inject his two cents regarding his artist’s success. Check it out below…

Charles Barkley Defends Racial Profiling By Cops: “We As Black People, We Got a Lot of Crooks”

SMDH…gone are the stand-up revolutionary athletes like Muhammed Ali and Jim Brown – now we’re stuck with coons like this! Charles Barkley caused a stir this week when he went out of his way to defend the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for shooting and killing the unarmed teen Mike Brown. Well now he’s reiterating his comments by claiming that police have the right to profile black people because “we got a lot of crooks”? Read the rest of this sellout Charles Barkley’s statement below…

Jason Weaver Stands By His Statement About “Coon” Celebration for Lil Boosie’s Prison Release

Actor Jason Weaver has been catching some flak from Lil Boosie fans who took offense to the Instagram post he made the other day criticizing the African American community for always celebrating the release of black men who come home from jail but never celebrating those who manage to stay out of prison (click here if you missed it). Despite his critics, Jason Weaver doubled-down on his stance and refused to apologize for his statement. Check out what he had to say to his critics below….