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Florida Woman Buys Woman from Mexico, Holds Her Captive for 2 Years To Impregnate Her With Boyfriend’s Sperm?!

In today’s “WTF?” story of the day, a Florida woman was arrested after it was revealed that she paid smugglers $3,000-$4,000 for a 26-year-old Mexican woman to be her surrogate mother then held her against her will for two-and-a half-years while she tried unsuccessfully to impregnate her by inseminating her with her own boyfriend’s sperm?! Check out the details below…

Teen Who Killed Her Newborn Baby By Tossing Her Out of Window Receives No Jail Time?

SMH….In yet another example of how screwed up our justice system is, a Nebraska teenager who killed her premature baby girl by tossing the newborn out a second story window was ordered to delete her Facebook account, and somehow avoided jail time. After killing the baby, she then reportedly texted her boyfriend on Snapchat, “It was a girl by the way,” and admitted her crime to her mother! Check out the details below….

Pregnant 19-Year-Old Model Killed While Posing for Photo Shoot On Train Tracks

Some sad news to report as it has been confirmed that a pregnant 19-year-old Texas woman was fatally struck by a train while having photos taken of her on the tracks in a bid to launch her modeling career. Check out the details below…

Mother of 14-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide On FB Live Stream Watched & Mocked Her In Comment Section?!

SMDH….this is one of the craziest stories we’ve heard and that’s saying a lot. A mother actually watched her own daughter commit suicide online and mocked her in the comment section while she did it!? Check out the infuriating details below….

Maryland Mother Fatally Shoots Son Over an Argument Over Video Game

 A 48-year-old mother from Maryland by the name of Angelique Chase has been charged with murdering her 17-year-old son Christopher Perry after they had an argument over a video game. Yes..a video game…SMH. Check out the details below…

Man Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to Abstinence Until Marriage?

SMH….What is with these judges these days giving young, white male rapists ridiculously lenient sentences? In sentencing a 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to statutory rape last week, a judge in Idaho sentenced him to government-mandated celibacy. Yes, you read that right.  Check out the details below…

Mom Allegedly Kills Her Young Son Then Texts Video of Dead Body To His Father

SMH….this is crazy. A mother in Pittsburgh allegedly killed her young son and then texted a video of the dead toddler to the child’s father during an argument, reported the Associated Press. Check out the details below…

Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy iPhone7s For Her Then Sells Them To Buy a House

Talk about the ultimate hustler! A woman in China reportedly got her 20 boyfriends to buy her iPhone 7s, and then she sold them in order to get enough money to buy herself a house. Check out the details of this crazy story below….

14-Year-Old Student On Free Lunch Program Arrested, Charged & Facing Trial Over $.65 Milk

This is crazy. A 14-year-old Virginia student has been arrested and is facing trial over a $.65 carton of milk?! Check out the details below….