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Southside Crip Dying of Cancer Claims To Have Been In Car With Gunman Who Killed Tupac [VIDEO]

A Southside Crip by the name of Keefe D recently explained in a new interview that he was dying of cancer and wanted to get the answer a major hip hop unsolved mystery off of his chest. Check it out below and let us know what you think….

The REAL Reason Philadelphia Eagles Cut DeSean Jackson: He’s Linked To 2 Separate Gang Murders

SMH…when keeping it real goes wrong! In a stunning move which sent shockwaves throughout the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles released Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson today in the prime of his career?! Besides being a three-time Pro Bowler, DeShean may be the first player in NFL history to get cut from a team for having an alleged gang affiliation with no criminal record. I mean…he is from Compton! The real reason they say the Eagles decided to release DeSean though is because he has been linked to two separate gang-affiliated murders and management is nervous he’s becoming a risky liability! DeShean throwing up Crip signs both on-and-off the field and his house recently being robbed by unknown assailants ain’t helping either! Check out the details below…