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Queensbridge Residents Show Love To Nas On 20 Year Anniversary of “Illmatic” Album

The DailyNews did a cool story on Queensbridge’s legendary MC Nasir Jones this week. 20 years ago, Nas dropped what is widely considered to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time with ‘Illmatic’.  DN talked to various residents of the neighborhood who spoke about the positive impact that Nas and his music has had on their community over the years and why they still love him today! Check it out below…

Dame Dash Goes OFF On Daily News Reporters: ”You Work For a Racist Republican Newspaper!” [VIDEO]

Now that’s the Dame we used to know! Over the years, Dame Dash’s financial and marital issues have been well documented in both the Daily News and the NY Post extensively. This particular confrontation with Daily News reporters initially occurred while Dame was in court where he is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, who says he had her falsely arrested in 2009 during the custody battle over their son. After arguing with a few Daily News reporters during the court session itself, Dame waited until he was outside to really let them have it. Dame called them reporters for a “racist Republican paper” whose only interest is to portray black men like him in a negative light. Both Dame and the reporter even took the time to record eachother during the confrontation. Check out a classic Dame Dash-rant in action below….