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Nicki Minaj Claps Back at Remy Ma On “No Frauds” & Allegedly Gets Nas To Pull “Shether” from Soundcloud [AUDIO]

Nicki Minaj finally responded to Remy Ma on a newly released reunion track which she dropped late Wednesday night called “No Frauds” featuring her estranged Young Money label mates Drake and Lil Wayne. In it, she accuses Remy of using her husband Papoose as a ghostwriter, shooting her friend over $1000, leaving her son behind while she went to jail, failing to get a Jay Z feature, getting plastic surgery and much more. Lil Wayne and Drake rapped after but made no mention of Remy’s name. Wordondastreet is that Nicki also put a call in to Nas, who owns the publishing to the original “Ether”, to get Remy’s version pulled from Soundcloud. Nas allegedly “left the song up on iTunes so that he can make a BAG off of it. But he’s basically banned Remy from performing the song live.” Check out the lyrics to Nicki’s clap back and some of the details about Nas’ role in this below and let us know what you think?

Who Won? Remy Ma Responds To Nicki Minaj’s Diss Track with “Shether” & the Internet Is Going Nuts [AUDIO & LYRICS]

The moment hip hop fans have been waiting for just happened! Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s little back-and-forth bars at eachother have been subliminal jabs for the most part but Remy just took off the gloves and dropped “Shether”, a play on Nas’ epic “Ether” track and fans are going nuts! Wordondastreet is that Remy just BODIED Nicki already but let us know who YOU think!

Kevin Durant Stares Drake Down After He Bumps Him & Says “I Don’t Give a Da** About No Drake Night” [VIDEO]

Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant and Drake’s back-and-forth beef has been heating up lately. After listening to Drake’s trash talking during the game and getting a bump from the Canadian rap star during an interview, Durant stared Drake down and told a reporter, “I don’t give a damn about no Drake night!”. Check out the footage below…

Shots Fired! Drake Calls Pusha T a Fake Drug Dealer & Disses Kid Cudi On New Track “2 Birds One Stone”

Drake is living up to the title of his new track and responding to both Pusha T’s diss and Kid Cud’s recent rant about him on “2 Birds One Stone”.  Check it out below…

Shots Fired! Meek Mill & Beanie Sigel Release Diss Track at The Game [AUDIO]

Wordondastreet is that Meek Mill is killing The Game right now in the midst of their beef! For those that haven’t been following the drama, it all stemmed from an incident that took place in L.A. back in July involving Sean Kingston. Apparently, Sean Kingston was hit over the head with a bottle and robbed of his jewels in a club by Game’s associates. The Game claims that Meek Mill basically snitched on him by telling both Sean and the L.A.P.D. that Game was responsible for the stick up. The Game dropped a diss track and it looks like Meek learned his lesson about dropping late diss verses and wasted no time at all releasing a scathing diss track aimed at Game with a special guest appearance by the Broad St. bully himself, Beanie Sigel! Check it all out below and let us know what you think….

Shots Fired! Andre 3000 Calls Out Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters In New Verse [AUDIO]

One of the most critically acclaimed lyricists in Hip Hop, Andre 3000 of Outkast, just dropped another classic guest feature in a way only 3 Stacks could get away with. He has his own random, short track on Frank Ocean’s highly-anticipated new “Blonde” album and its already making waves! In it, 3 Stacks says he was caught by surprise when he learned that some of today’s most popular rappers are using ghostwriters (*cough, Drake) and how disappointed he was to find out that he had been “hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving”. Many are 100% convinced that he had to be talking about the Canadian crooner but since he didn’t actually say Drake’s name, it’s still up for speculation. Check it out below and let us know who you think Andre was talking about…

Joe Buddens Chases Drake Fans After They Show Up At His Home Taunting Him & the Hilarious Memes That Followed [VIDEO]

Joe Buddens had a hectic weekend chasing down Drake fans who actually showed up to his house to taunt him and troll him by singing Drake lyrics. Video footage shows Joe chasing two different group of OVO Drake fans both on foot and by car which must of been annoying for Joe but it has made for some pretty hilarious memes on social media! Check out the footage and a few of those memes below…

Forbes’ ‘Top 5 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists” List Has a New Member!

Forbes just released their “Forbes Five” list for 2016 which ranks the 5 wealthiest hip-hop artists of the moment. There are a few familiar faces in there but there is a newcomer gunning for the #1 title! Check it out below….

The Drake Effect: Toronto Raptors Ban Meek Mill Music from Their Locker Room

Meek Mill still gets no love in Toronto, Canada, specifically the Toronto Raptors’ locker room, thanks to his epic beef with Drake who is now the Raptors’ “global ambassador”. Check out the details below…

2 Months Later? Meek Mill Raps Over Drake’s “Back To Back” Track [VIDEO]

WTH? Now you wanna respond? People were anxiously waiting on Meek Mill to respond to Drake during their lopsided battle a few months ago but were disappointed with Meek’s complete and utter lack of response..besides his Twitter fingers of course. But now, some video footage has been released of Meek Mill rapping over the same “Back To Back” track that Drake destroyed him on and we have to wonder…is Meek finally responding 2 months later?! Check it out below and let us know what you think…

*Updated with Meek’s Response, Wale Says Meek Mill Brought a Pencil To a Gun Fight with Drake [VIDEO]

Wale was on The Breakfast Club this morning and when asked about his labelmate Meek Mill’s embarrassing loss to Drake during their little feud, he kept it more than 100! Among other things, Wale said, “I honestly think he [Meek] brought a pencil to a gun fight. He ain’t even bring a knife—a pencil. A piece of paper. He tried to paper cut him to death.” Ouch…check it out below….

Shots Fired! Jay Electronica Disses Drake & J. Cole [VIDEO]

Jay Electronica might not have released his long awaited album but that isn’t stopping him from calling out today’s most popular rappers! Jay Electronica had some choice words for both Drake and J. Cole while performing at the XOYO in London the other day. Check out the video below…

Hopsin Calls Out Drake & the Whole Hip Hop Industry: “The Hottest Rapper Using a Ghost Writer Is Not Hip Hop”

West Coast rapper Hopsin went on a rant on Twitter yesterday about the current state of hip hop and he made some controversial points! Hopsin feels that most of today’s “idiot rappers have ruined black culture with their bulls**t”. He also went on to say that, “Drake is the hottest rapper in the game. He got exposed and we saw that he has a ghost writer and he’s still at the top. This ain’t hip hop.” Fresh off the release of his fourth album, “Pound Syndrome,” Hopsin went on to say that hip hop has no originality today, and he added that most of the rappers sound the same. Check out Hopsin’s rant below and let us know if you agree with him or not?

Meek Mill Drops New Bars Dissing Drake: “Lil Wayne Don’t Like You…” [VIDEO]

Just when you thought the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef was dying down! It looks like Meek wasn’t feeling that fact that Drake is now using those memes of him as the butt of his jokes at his concerts now [click here if you missed it]. Meek Mill spit some new bars dissing Drake and talked about giving Drake and his OVO crew “wedgies” when he sees them? Check out the footage below…

Drake Clowns Meek Mill On Stage At OVO Fest 2015 [VIDEO]

Drake is really trying to Ja Rule Meek Mill’s career right now?! As if Meek’s image hasn’t already been tarnished enough, Drake relentlessly roasted Meek on stage during his OVO Fest 2015 in Canada tonight. Drake took a page out of Jay Z’s playbook by putting some of those pretty embarrassing memes of Meek Mill up on the big screen while performing his critically acclaimed diss track “Back To Back”. Check it out below…

Shots Fired! Young Buck Responds To Rick Ross Diss & Calls Meek Mill & Drake Beef “Fake S—” [AUDIO]

Young Buck isn’t feeling the fact that Rick Ross dissed him on his song “Wing Stop” (which dissed 50 Cent, as well) and he isn’t impressed with the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef either! Check out this new track from Young Buck and let us know what you think….

Meek Mill On His Lack of Response To Drake’s Diss Record: “I’ll Be In the Studio Soon”

Meek Mill vaguely addressed the firestorm of criticism and jokes at his expense on social media ever since Drake dropped his potentially career ending “Back To Back” diss song [click here if you missed it]. Check out what Meek had to say about anxiously awaited response to Drake’s diss song below…

Meek Mill Responds To Drake’s “Charged Up” Diss Track [VIDEO]

Meek Mill apparently is unimpressed with Drake’s “Charged Up” diss track which he released on Saturday night. Check out Meek’s response both on Twitter and also at a recent concert at the Barclays in Brooklyn the other night below….

Shots Fired! Drake Responds to Meek Mill On “Charged Up” [AUDIO]

Round 2 of the Meek vs. Drake drama just started! Drake just dropped a track entitled “Charged Up” in reply to Meek’s calling him out for not writing his own rhymes [ click here if you missed it]. Check out Drake’s response below and let us know what you think…..

Meek Mill Apologizes to Nicki Minaj On Stage for Starting Beef with Drake [VIDEO]

Meek Mill decided to apologize to Nicki Minaj on stage during for all the drama he caused with his beef with Drake recently. He also mentioned something about”letting Drake be great” which we think means he’s squashing the beef for now.  Check it out below…