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Feds Ask Judge To Go Easy On Love & Hip Hop NY’s Mendeecees?

A while back we told you about those Wordondastreet rumors that Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeeces Harris cooperated a.k.a. snitched on someone big to federal authorities in order to reduce the amount of prison time he would have to serve [click here if you missed it]. Well, this new revelation that federal prosecutors in his drug running case have asked the judge to be lenient and allow him to serve no more than 10 years for the crimes just added more fuel to that fire! Check out the details below….

Feds Raid ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast Member Mally Mall’s Home for Human Trafficking?

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ cast member Mally Mall has apparently got himself into some big trouble with the FBI. It turns out Mally may allegedly be involved in some type of human trafficking ring?! Check out the details below…

Feds Investigate Waka Flocka After His Wife Tammy Posts Picture of Him With Gun On Instagram

SMH…in another case of ‘When keeping it real goes wrong”, Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera may have unintentionally landed her husband in hot water with a picture she posted on her Instagram page. In reference to the epic Love & Hip Hop reunion brawl that aired this past weekend involving Joseline Hernandez putting her hands on damn near everybody including Tammy herself, Tammy decided to post a picture of her hubby Waka pointing a gun with the caption “‘Daddy’s home now. #MeetTheFlockas #LHHATL”. The only problem is Waka is a convicted felon on probation and shouldn’t be holding any guns in any pictures! Check out the story below…

Feds Use Brooklyn Rapper Ra Diggs’ Rap Lyrics & YouTube Video To Convict Him of Murder

In another case of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”,  Feds actually used Brooklyn rapper Ra Diggs’ own rap lyrics against him in court to help with their conviction against him. Ra Diggs was an alleged high-ranking Blood gang member and up-and-coming rapper out of Gowanus Projects in BrooklynA federal jury convicted Ra Diggs Herron of racketeering, drug trafficking and the murders of three rivals after only one day of deliberations in Brooklyn Federal Court. Check out the details below…

Feds Use Instagram To Arrest Over 350 Drug Dealers & Seize $7 Million In One Weekend?!

SMH…these idiots just never learn!? The DEA used drug dealer’s narcissistic need to post all their incriminating pictures on Instagram for “likes” to their advantage this weekend and made a record-breaking number of arrests and seizures. One drug dealer was even dumb enough to brag about how police would never catch him, yet geotagged the exact location of his drug warehouse so that police were able to find him…easily! Read the rest of this not-so-bright criminal’s story below…..

Feds Raid Mexican Druglord’s Home & You Won’t Believe What They Found!

Wow! Feds recently made one of the most enormous busts in criminal enterprise history with the discovery of one Mexican drug lord’s home stash. They found over 22 BILLION dollars in cash alone in this one house and there are about 27 more houses just like this! Scarface had NOTHING on this real-life Mexican druglord! Check out the amazing details and pictures below….