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Former NBA Player Ray Allen’s Passion for Teaching About the Holocaust Gets Him Sworn Into the U.S. Holocaust Museum Council?

Who knew former NBA star Ray Allen has more passion for teaching others about the Holocaust than most Jewish people? The 10-time All-Star was even sworn into the Board of Directors for the Holocaust Memorial Museum for his dedication to the cause! Check out the details below and let us know what you think….

‘Get Out’ Actor Responds To Samuel L. Jackson’s Criticism of Him: “I Resent That I Have To Prove That I’m Black”

The star of the hit movie ‘Get Out’, British actor Daniel Kaluuya, is responding to Samuel L. Jackson’s criticism of casting a Brit to play the lead role of an African American male in the film. Samuel basically said that he would’ve preferred seeing an African American play the role as the boyfriend,”Because Daniel grew up in a country where they have been interracial dating for 100 years”, and may have missed some of the nuances that a Black American would have brought to it. Check out Daniel Kaluuya’s response to Samuel L’s criticism and let us know who YOU agree with…

Brooklyn Police Under Fire for Telling Black Teens To Get Out Of The White Neighborhood

In what seems to be a case of gentrification gone wrong, NYPD officers in patrol cars are under fire for trailing a group of black teens walking through Park Slope, which is a predominantly white area of Brooklyn, and told them over their loudspeakers to “get out of the neighborhood,” a resident who witnessed the incident said. Check out the details below…