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BET Set To Release New Miniseries Based On the Life of Nas

If you’re a fan of legendary Queensbridge rapper Nasir Jones a.k.a. Nas, then this one’s for you!

Nas and BET have announced a new miniseries on the legendary rapper’s journey from New York City’s Queensbridge projects to the Billboard charts.

Deadline reports the project is headed by Rush creator Jonathan Levine — with Nas, Anthony Saleh, Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell expected as the executive producers. Aside from penning the script, Levine will also direct the series.

The pilot is tentatively titled Street Dreams, an hour-long series on the life of Nasir Jones, which will cover the music, family and the trials and tribulations the hip-hop legend endured as an aspiring rapper in New York City. – via vibe

An autobiography on the life of Nas is a great idea but we’re not sure BET is the network to pull it off. To keep it 100, BET movies are usually cheesy as hell so we hope they don’t screw this up! We’ll keep you posted on its release date as more details emerge.

Jim Jones Cries Talking About Dipset Breakup & Addresses Cam’Ron Running On Him At Rucker Park

Jim Jones got emotional during his interview with Flex last night while discussing his relationship with Cam’Ron and the origins of Dipset. During one particular moment, Jim cried talking about the blood, sweat and tears he feels he put into Dipset and even mentioned that epic moment at Rucker Park that was caught on camera where Jim got jumped by Junior Mafia members back inthe day. Check it out below …

50 Cent’s Son Marquise Releases His First Rap Song “Different” & Throws Shot At 50: “I Lost My Pops, He Still Alive..” [AUDIO]

50 Cent’s public dysfunctional relationship with his estranged son, Marquise Jackson, just took a musical turn. Marquise just premiered his first rap song and he even took a quick shot at his pops when he rapped, “I lost my pops, he still alive/Save this for a different song, a different time.” Check it out below and let us know what you think….

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Bronx Rapper Haddy Racks Raps About Fighting for Custody of His Son In “My Little Man”

Bronx’s own Haddy Racks tackles an issue that doesn’t get as much shine as it should and that’s women who use their child/children as pawns to get back at their child’s father. Haddy raps about his personal experience in his fight to be a permanent fixture in his son’s life for his new music video “My Lil’ Man”. He son even co-stars in the video. Check it out below and let us know what you think..

Mini-Series In Production Based On Tupac’s Notorious Enemy “Haitian Jack”

 Director Benny Boom and one of the writers of “Straight Outta Compton” , Alan Wenkus, have teamed up to create a mini-series centered on the life of controversial figure and Tupac’s arch nemesis Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant! Check out the details below…

R.I.P. Worldstarhiphop Founder Lee “Q” O’Denat Found Dead At 43yrs Old

The founder of the notorious Worldstarhiphop.com Lee O’Denat better known as “Q” passed away in his sleep on Monday night at the age of 43.According to TMZ, the Jamaica, Queens native had a heart attack which caused his death. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this time. R.I.P.

Taxstone’s DNA Found On Gun Used to Shoot Troy Ave & Kill His Bodyguard

Things just went from bad to worse for ‘Taxseason’ podcast host Taxstone. Yesterday, we told you how he was arrested for his possible involvement in a shooting at Irving Plaza which left his rival rapper Troy Ave hit in the leg and Troy’s bodyguard dead [click here if you missed it]. Well, police have just confirmed that Taxstone’s DNA was found on the same gun used to shoot Troy Ave which means its a wrap for him being that they will charge him as a felon in possession of a weapon, at the least. Check out the details below…

Hip Hop Podcaster Taxstone Arrested In Connection with Troy Ave Shooting At Irving Plaza [VIDEO]

Hip Hop podcaster Taxstone was arrested this morning in connection with that shooting at T.I.’s concert in Irving Plaza that left one man dead and rapper Troy Ave wounded. If you’re unfamiliar with Taxstone, he’s primarily known for his Tax Season podcast as well as his Twitter presence. He’s sort of like the East New York thugged-out version of Charlamagne tha God and his recent interviews with Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel during their feud definitely increased his popularity . It was well known in the streets that the shooting at Irving Plaza had something to do with Taxstone’s beef with Troy Ave but it looks like the cops have finally gathered enough evidence to press charges and prove it! Check out the details below….

For Discussion: Is Flo Rida a Sellout for Agreeing To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration for $1 Million?

Rapper/Pop Artist Flo Rida agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration has become a hot debate on social media. This comes as a surprise for many being that he had previously pulled out of Donald’s Miss USA pageant in 2015 over Trump’s offensive comments about Mexicans. He also is supposed to be a huge fan of the Obamas  and he even posted a pic of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on Jan. 10, referring to them as a “power couple”.  Flo Rida has never openly denounced the President-elect but it should be noted that the singer was hit with $1.2 million in tax liens in 2014, which may have played a part in his decision. Many are calling Flo Rida a sellout for agreeing to perform for Donald Trump while others say he would be a fool if he didn’t! We’d like to know what do YOU think about it? Is Flo Rida selling his soul or is he should he just ignore his naysayers and, as DJ Khaled says, “secure the bag”? Let us know!

Industry Muscle’s New Docu-Series: CRAZY LIKE THAT GLUE: The Craig Mack Story [VIDEO]

Here is a sneak preview of the next installment of the The Route Back 2 Hiphop series.This is a detailed account of all the things that took place before, during and after Craig Mack’s time at Bad Boy…

CRAZY LIKE THAT GLUE: The Craig Mack Story

The Craig Mack Story Full Episode Jan 14th 2017 on www.industrymuscle.com
“Crazy Like That Glue”

Most people are familiar with the Notorious B.I.G and Sean P-Diddy Combs place in Hip-hop.. But when you think about it… there was also Craig Mack right beside them both… The rapper from Brentwood Longisland with the distinctive voice and the exaggerated ” Boooyeeee” adlibs that had everyone Boppin there head. Craig Mack almost single handedly put the spark into Bad Boy entertainment with his hit single ” Flava in ya ear”. How could someone so impactful to a era in Hip-hop be so forgotten of his importance? Was it on purpose? Well, until now … This documentary uncovers some of the most inner and delicate secrets from that time and era .Told by the very people that was there from the start. This entertaining and insightful story will fill in all the blanks that was missing from the Full BAD BOY story. Success can mean a lot of things to most people but timing is Key to how successful you will become. At the time Sean “P Diddy” Combs was starting a young upstart company called BAD BOY entertainment he enlisted two unknown at the time rappers Craig Mack and Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. Now witness a never before told story about the man who sparked BAD BOY entertainment. Written and Produced by James Billings

Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Scheduled To Fight On Jan. 20th In Celebrity Boxing Match

After days of back-and-forth social media threats, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s celebrity boxing match is scheduled to take place on Jan.2oth according to Adrian Broner. The boxer posted a flyer seemingly confirming the affair but Floyd Mayweather, who is Soulja Boy’s supposed “trainer”, also posted his own version of the flyer himself. Check out some footage of Chris Brown training below and let us know who you got in a fight between the two…..

Lol…this is hilarious but we’re still here for it. Check out some footage of Chris Brown & Soulja Boy training below…

#ChrisBrown out here getting ready for his bout with #SouljaBoy #digitalfeedmedia

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W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Papa Doc – Let It Go (Official Video)

Check out the visuals for Papa Doc’s hot new single “Let It Go”!

The Irony – Chris Brown Goes On Rant About Celebrities Pretending To Be Gang Members

The irony in this story is strong! Chris Brown, of all people, had the nerve to co-sign a comment about people coming into the industry and suddenly becoming fake gang members. He even went on a rant agreeing with the comment himself screaming about how “THIS CALIFORNIA SH** REAL” and how these “industry ni**as live by no code” among other things. Ironically, being the fact that Chris Brown grew up in Virginia and only started throwing up Blood gang signs after he got into the music industry and moved to LA, many people accuse Chris of being the exact same fake gang member that he’s complaining about! Check it out below and let us know what you think….

J. Cole Addresses Kanye West & Wale In New Song “False Prophets” & Fans Are Loving It

J. Cole’s new track entitled ‘False Prophets’ where he addresses Kanye West’s career from a disgruntled fan’s standpoint is tearing up the internet and has everyone talking right now. Some call it a diss track while others say that J. Cole was basically just saying what a lot of people have been saying about Kanye. Wordondastreet is that the second verse may have been about Wale but the jury is still out on that one. Was this a certified diss or just J. Cole just expressing his mind? Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Diddy Claims Suge Knight Copped a Plea When He Stepped to Him After the Source Awards: “I Was Talking About Jermaine Dupri!” [VIDEO]

Now that Suge Knight is locked up, everyone seems to feel a lot more comfortable talking wreckless about him lately? Diddy told a never-been-told story about how he stepped to Suge Knight after Suge dissed him at the infamous 1995 Source Awards for dancing in all of his artist’s videos. Diddy claims that Suge copped a plea when he approached him about it and said that he was really talking about Jermaine Dupri! Check it out below and let us know if you believe Diddy version of events…

Snoop Dogg Says Colin Kaepernick Needs To Choose Between Football or Revolution [VIDEO]

Snoop Dogg brought up an interesting point of debate during his interview with ESPN’s ‘Undisputed’ show. He contended that San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick needed to choose between sports and being a revolutionary. According to Snoop, Kaepernick is not prepared to juggle both his football career and his revolutionary stance against social injustices currently occurring in America. Check it out below and let us know if you agree with Snoop or not….

Kanye West’s Epic Rant Against Beyonce & Jay : “Jay Z, I Know You Got Killers. Please Don’t Send Them At My Head!” [VIDEO]

Kanye West went on one of his epic rants at his Sacremento concert and even his most die-hard fans are calling it the official mental breakdown. Kanye ended his performance after only 15 minutes, leaving concert goers highly upset, but not before ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce! Right before storming off stage, Kanye casually mentioned that Jay allegedly has “killers” who could come after him! Check it out below…

Kevin Durant Stares Drake Down After He Bumps Him & Says “I Don’t Give a Da** About No Drake Night” [VIDEO]

Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant and Drake’s back-and-forth beef has been heating up lately. After listening to Drake’s trash talking during the game and getting a bump from the Canadian rap star during an interview, Durant stared Drake down and told a reporter, “I don’t give a damn about no Drake night!”. Check out the footage below…

Lil Wayne Claps Back At T.I. for Calling Him a “Coon” Over His Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I. called out his peer/close friend Lil Wayne for “coonin” in an open letter this weekend for his recent comments regarding Black Lives Matter. During the interview, Wayne spoke dismissively about the movement and claimed that racism doesn’t exist because he’s a “rich ni**a” [click here if you missed it]. After the backlash he caught, Wayne later half-way apologized, and reportedly fired his publicists for failing to prevent the broadcast but that wasn’t enough for T.I. Check out what T.I. said to his former homie and Lil Wayne’s response to his comments below…

Lil Wayne Apologizes (Sort Of) for His ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comments [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne stirred up a lot of controversy on social media yesterday with his recent interview on NightLine where he blasted the Black Lives Matter movement, denied racism existed because he’s a “rich ni**a”, pulled out a red bandana before he stormed out mumbling about how gangsta’ he is. Wayne in now in damage control from the backlash he received and issued a watered down apology and explanation for his actions. Check it out below…