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Jim Jones Cries Talking About Dipset Breakup & Addresses Cam’Ron Running On Him At Rucker Park

Jim Jones got emotional during his interview with Flex last night while discussing his relationship with Cam’Ron and the origins of Dipset. During one particular moment, Jim cried talking about the blood, sweat and tears he feels he put into Dipset and even mentioned that epic moment at Rucker Park that was caught on camera where Jim got jumped by Junior Mafia members back inthe day. Check it out below …

Michel’le Lands Meeting with Oprah Winfrey After Her Biopic Exposes Dr. Dre’s Domestic Abuse

Dr. Dre isn’t going to like this! Michel’le’s biopic has been catching a lot of attention, much to Dr. Dre’s dismay, ever since it premiered this past weekend and now it has caught the attention of mega-mogul Oprah Winfrey! Check out the details below….

Wait, What? Mary J. Blige Serenades Hillary Clinton In Awkward Song About Police Brutality [VIDEO]

You would think after the whole Burger King chicken wrap fiasco that Mary J. Blige got herself involved in years ago, she would have learned not to do stuff like this. Some footage was just released teasing Mary J.Blige’s upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton on her upcoming Apple Music show The 411 and it isn’t winning over any social media users. Check out this awkward clip from the interview showing Mary serenading Hillary Clinton with a song about police brutality….

KKK Imperial Wizard Interviewed By Black Reporter Says He Supports Donald Trump: “What He Believes In, We Believe In” [ VIDEO]

Chris Thomas sits down with the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to talk discuss the KKK’s violent past, the confederate flag, Donald Trump and their current surge in recruitment. Check it out below and let us know what you think…..

Will Smith Admits Giving His Skirt-Wearing Son Jaden a Little Too Much Freedom “Might Have Been A Mistake” [VIDEO]

Will Smith admitted in a recent interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra that him and Jada Pinkett”s parenting style may have given their arty Hollywood children a little too much freedom when asked about his son’s Jaden penchant for wearing women’s skirts and dresses while out and about. Check out what he had to say about how that “might have been a mistake” and also his take on Janet Hubbard a.k.a. Aunt Viv’s comments about him and Jada’s Oscar boycott….

Damon Wayans Addresses the Backlash from His Cosby Rape Comments [VIDEO]

Damon Wayans caused a lot of controversy with his recent comments about Bill Cosby during his interview on The Breakfast club! After co-host Angela Yee asked the “Major Payne” star what advice he would give to Cosby, he replied by saying, “Tell the truth, if I was him, I would divorce my wife, wink wink. Give her all my money, and then I would go to a deposition, light one of those three-hour cigars. I’d have me some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off.” Check out the details below…

The Full Karrueche Interview That Had Chris Brown Spazzing Yesterday

Chris Brown went on one of his epic rant/tantrums yesterday on Instagram after watching an interview his ex Karrueche did with Access Hollywood. Chris lost it after Karrueche was asked about her relationship with Chris and a conversation she had with his baby Royalty’s mom. Chris went on a rant in the video comments to which Karrueche promptly responded. Check it out below…

NAACP Civil Rights Activist Rachel Dolezal Caught Lying About Being Black?! [VIDEO]

WTH? Now this takes the cake! A white woman by the name of Rachel Dolezal, who is one of Inland Northwest’s NAACP chapter most prominent civil rights activists, has been exposed by her own family as a white woman pretending to be black! Check out the details below….

Jim Jones On Beef with French Montana: “It Would Be a Big Mistake for French To Step To Me” [VIDEO]

Jim Jones and French Montana have had a long, simmering beef with eachother ever since French released that epic footage on his Cocaine City DVD of Jim Jones and Cam’ron getting chased out of Rucker Park. Max B,  Jim Jones’ former artist and French’s right-hand man, cemented French’s beef with Jim when he himself got into beef with Jim and released numerous diss tracks going at Jim Jones, most notably “She Touched It In Miami” where Max spoke about having sexual relations with Jim’s wife Chrissy. Well, Jim was on ESPN’s show “Highly Questionable”, of all places, and when the subject of beefing with French Montana came up, Jim had some not-so-veiled threats for the Bronx emcee. Check out the video below….

Single Mom Caught Beating Her Son for Rioting Speaks Out: “I Don’t Want Him To Be a Freddie Gray” [VIDEO]

Yesterday, we told you about the Baltimore single mother, Toya Graham, who recognized her son in the midst of the riots and promptly went to work beating the brakes off of him in a video that has quickly gone viral. Well now, she is speaking out and telling her side of the story. Check it out below…

Kanye Slams Amber Rose & Claims Beyonce Hangs Pictures Up of Kim Kardashian for Inspiration? [VIDEO]

Kanye West did an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning that is sure to start some sh*t! Kanye threw his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose all the way under the bus and even claimed that he had to take 30 showers to “wash Amber off him” after he dated her before Kim Kardashian would allow him to have sex with her…which makes no sense considering Kim’s past? According to Kanye, Beyonce keeps pictures of Kim Kardashian in her recording booth as a source of inspiration being that she is such a “powerful woman”?! He also dry snitched on 24-year-old Tyga and semi-confirmed that he is indeed messing with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner as many suspected when he stated, “He just got in there first.”. He also spoke about how his daughter has a chance of being shaped like his wife Kim…we’re just not sure if he means pre-surgery or post-surgery Kim though? Kanye made so many wild statements in this interview…SMH…you just have to check out the full interview below…

Old Footage of Bill Cosby Admitting To Putting “Spanish Fly” In Women’s Drinks Surfaces [VIDEO]

Uh oh! Amid numerous allegations of rape leveled at Cosby by almost 30 women, an old video of an interview Bill did with Larry King has surfaced in which Bill admitted to putting “Spanish Fly” in women’s drinks to get them loose. Check out the video below…

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Scaff Beezy Explains Their Breakup: “I Was Being Treated Like An Employee, Not Her Man” [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj has been all over social media, interviews and songs dissing her ex-boyfriend Scaff Beezy a.k.a. SB a.k.a Safaree recently [click here if you missed it] and Scaff has finally decided it was time to tell his side of the story regarding their breakup with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning. Check it out below…

Shots Fired! Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea, Calls T.I. a “Shoe Shining Coon” & Has Breakdown Over Whites Appropriating Black Culture [VIDEO]

If you have a few minutes, this is definitely an interesting, no holds barred, far from politically correct interview with young, up-comer Aaealia Banks. Azealia talked candidly about the current state of hip hop music and what she believes is the appropriation of black culture by white rappers like T.I’s artist Iggy Azealia. She calls T.I. a “shoe shining coon” during the interview and even broke down crying in frustration while speaking about it. Check it out below..

Nicki Minaj Breaks Down Crying Talking About Not Being Able To Function After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Safaree [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj stopped by Power 105.1 to discuss all that is going on in her personal life and career with Angie Martinez. Nicki was surprisingly revealing during this interview and even broke down crying while talking about her public breakup with her boyfriend of 15 years Safaree [click here if you missed it]. She explained that she didn’t even know how she was going to function without him in her life and revealed that what really bothered her was that she believes that they would’ve been happily married with three kids by now if it wasn’t for her fame. Check it out below…

Tiny Harris Discusses Going Overseas To Undergo Permanent Eye Surgery

T.I.’s wife Tiny Tameka Harris caused quite a stir with her decision to permanently change her eye color to ice silver. In this interview with ABC, Tiny spoke about flying to Africa to receive the surgery because it is currently illegal in the U.S and the negative reactions she has been getting online for risking her vision for the surgery. Check out the video and the story of a woman who had the same procedure Tiny had done but she ended up blind!…

Acclaimed Author John Grisham Says “60-Year Old White Men” Who Look At Child Porn Are Not Pedophiles & Should Be Released From Jail?!

SMH…world renowned author John Grisham caused some controversy with an interview he gave recently where he called for lighter sentences for “60-year-old white men” like him who have been convicted of being pedophiles. According to Grisham, they’re not really pedophiles even though they like to view child pornography and they should be released?! Check out this story below…

Talib Kweli Goes OFF On CNN’s Don Lemon During Interview Over Ferguson Riots [VIDEO]

Talib Kweli vs. Don Lemon? Things went from 0-100 real quick and got VERY heated during Don Lemon’s interview with Talib Kweli regarding the media’s, specifically CNN, inaccurate reporting of what was exactly happening during the Ferguson riots. Check out this intense video below and let us know who you think was in the wrong?…

Ciara Blasts ‘US Weekly’ Over Breakup Article

Yesterday, we told you about the US Weekly article which claimed that Ciara has broken off her engagement to her baby’s father Future because he cheated during her pregnancy [click here if you missed it]. Well Ciara took to her Twitter account to do some damage control and blast US Weekly for being “thirsty”. Check it out below…

Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin Reveals That She Was Raped As A Young Child [VIDEO]

Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin opened up about a serious topic and it was something that she has never revealed to the public: she was the victim of rape at the young age of 3-years-old. Listen to Tisha deliver the shocking admission while trying to offer counsel to another rape victim….