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Heartwarming Story of the Janitor & Cook of Nursing Home Who Worked Without Pay To Make Sure Elderly Residents Were Taken Care Of

In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have the story of two young men who are living proof that this world still has some amazingly, caring souls left in it.  A California nursing home that shuttered last fall lost most of its staff, leaving its residents behind, except for two people — cook Maurice Rowland, and janitor Miguel Alvarez. Check out their inspirational story below…

*Update: Mother & Grandmother Tried To Cover Up for Fugitive Janitor Who Kidnapped 8-Year-Old Girl

Earlier this week we told you about the strange story of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd who was kidnapped from a homeless shelter by a janitor after he shot his own wife in the head (click here if you missed it). What made Relisha’s story even more strange is the fact that her mother and grandmother would allow the janitor, who had no relation to the child, to take Relisha on extended trips and vacations unsupervised for weeks at a time prior to her disappearance. They even concocted a story to Relisha’s school to cover up her excessive absences by claiming that she was in the care of a doctor. Why would anyone cover up for a man who possibly abducted their child? Why would any sane parent take three weeks to report their daughter missing? These questions, plus many more, are now being asked in the strange disappearance of little Relisha Rudd. Read the rest of the details below….

Homeless Girl Kidnapped from Shelter by Janitor Who Killed His Wife

SMH…why do these women keep trusting random men with their children?! An Amber Alert has been issued for an 8-year-old homeless girl whose mother left her in the care of the janitor at her homeless shelter for weeks at a time! The mother took almost a month to even report her child missing and now police are on the hunt for the janitor because, besides him kidnapping the little girl, he’s also suspected of murdering his wife! Please read the rest of this story below and contact authorities if you have any information on missing Relisha Rudd….