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George Foreman Blasts Colin Kaepernick & Kevin Durant for Not Supporting Their “Good President” Donald Trump [VIDEO]

SMH….The only good thing to come out of this Trump presidency is that it continuous to reveal whose who in our society. George Foreman went on Fox News to sing his praises for Donald Trump and slam professional athletes Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant for voicing their concern over social issues. Foreman questioned their sincerity and thanked Trump for helping him out of his bankruptcy crisis back in the early 90’s. Check out what this racoon George Foreman had to say….

Kevin Durant Stares Drake Down After He Bumps Him & Says “I Don’t Give a Da** About No Drake Night” [VIDEO]

Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant and Drake’s back-and-forth beef has been heating up lately. After listening to Drake’s trash talking during the game and getting a bump from the Canadian rap star during an interview, Durant stared Drake down and told a reporter, “I don’t give a damn about no Drake night!”. Check out the footage below…

Joseline Admits To Cheating On Stevie J with Drake, Nelly, Kevin Durant & More?

Apparently, there’s big trouble in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta paradise! Earlier this week, Benzino had gotten tired of his boy Stevie J’s Puerto Rican princess antics and put Joseline Hernandez’s slutty activities while being married to Stevie J on FULL BLAST . Stevie J then made the official announcement that he and Joseline Hernandez are no longer an item and erased all of their pictures on social media. Well now, Joseline just admitted to sleeping with everyone from Drake to James Harden to her limo driver on her Twitter page..with no remorse!? Check out the details below…