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Fox Sports Coonmentator Jason Whitlock Says That LeBron James Is Too Rich To Experience Racism [VIDEO]

After having his L.A. home vandalized with racist graffiti recently, NBA superstar LeBron James commented by saying something we all know: no matter how rich you are, it’s hard to be black in America. Fox Sports coonentator Jason Whitlock decided to go on a rant criticizing LeBron saying that he is playing the victim role in this situation because he is too rich too be effected by racism and that racism only affects poor people. Check out what he had to say below and let us know what you think….

LeBron James Is the Social Activist That Michael Jordan Never Was

ESPN has a very interesting article on LeBron James and Michael Jordan. While the two are often compared athletically with Michael Jordan usually viewed as the winner in that aspect, there is one thing that LeBron is far better than Jordan at: social activism. Check out this interesting article below…

King James Is Going Back To The Cleveland Cavaliers!

Lebron James, after winning two NBA championships with the Miami Heat, is returning home to Cleveland, Ohio— to continue his infamous basketball career…

LeBron James Becomes a Free Agent, Opting Out of Contract with Miami Heat

Bad news for Miami Heat fans! Check out the details below…

Kobe Bryant On Miami Heat Tribute To Trayvon Martin: “Don’t Jump To Somebody’s Defense Just Because They’re African-American”

SMH…see..this is exactly why I never liked Kobe! What self-respecting black person would criticize a Trayvon Martin tribute?! Check out what this sell-out Kobe Bryant had to say about Lebron James’ organizing that tribute the Miami Heat did for Trayvon Martin a few years ago….