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The Real Story of How “420” a.k.a. April 20th Got Its Name

We’ve all seen, heard or even used the popular term “420” used to represent any and all things marijuana-related but where exactly did it originally come from? The long-held belief was that “420” started as a police code for Marijuana Smoking In Progress but that isn’t the case! Check out the details to the real story below…

People Defend Malia Obama Online After She Gets Shamed for Smoking Weed At Music Festival [VIDEO]

Malia Obama has been having a blast for the past week while on break from school. The teen recently graduated from the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, and is heading to Harvard University next year for college after taking a gap year. She was caught on video twerking the other day and now conservatives are having a fit over a new video published Wednesday by Radar Online which show Malia smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint. Check out the details below….

Police Discover $24 Million Stashed In Buckets In Largest Drug Bust In Miami History [VIDEO]

Police made quite the discovery when raiding a home in Miami Lakes on Tuesday: over $24 million from a suspected marijuana trafficker, the largest money seizure in the department’s history! Check out the details below….

Nelly Arrested On Felony Crystal Meth & Marijuana Drug Charges In Tennessee

Nelly was arrested on felony drug charges Saturday morning. What makes his arrest even more strange is the fact that crystal meth was involved?! Check out the details below…

Nancy Grace & 2 Chainz Go Head-To-Head In Debate Over Pot Legalization [VIDEO]

Nancy Grace & 2 Chainz, two names you wouldn’t expect to hear in the same sentence, had a spirited debate over the legalization of pot in this country. Check it out below…

Dummy of the Day: Felon Accidently Texts His Probation Officer Looking for Weed

SMDH…in today’s ‘Dummy of the Day’ segment, we have a Georgia felon by the name of Alvin Cross Junior who mistakenly sent a text to his probation officer looking to score some of that sticky icky!? Check out his story below…

New Research Suggests Marijuana Cures Ebola?!

One of the biggest marijuana companies in the world has claimed that marijuana could potentially be the cure for the Ebola virus we’ve been hearing so much about lately. Unfortunately, the only thing stopping scientists from being able to create the perfect strain of bud to cure the deadly virus is the legalities regarding its widespread use! Check out the details below…

UPS Worker Fired After Stealing $160K Diamond & Trading It for $20 Bag of Weed?! [VIDEO]

 In today’s ‘Dummy of the Day’, we have a young man by the name of Walter Earl Morrison. The former UPS worker is accused of stealing a package containing a $160,000 diamond, and trading the valuable jewel for $20 worth of marijuana!? SMH…check out this crazy story below…

Reporter Quits Her Job On Live TV & Admits To Owning Cannabis Club: “F*** It, I Quit!” [VIDEO]

A reporter from Alaska, Charlo Greene, decided that her news segment about marijuana legalization was the perfect time to quit her job as a reporter and announce that she is a pot activist and the owner of a Cannibus club?! Lmao…this is hilarious! Check it out below…

Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Every State or Nah?

Before we answer that thought-provoking question, let’s take a careful look at the United States of America. According to 2010 Hash Express ‘Marijuana Prison Statistics’ report:  “The United States imprisons more people than any other country on the planet, including China. The U.S. has over 2.3 million people behind bars while China; with 4 times the population has only 1.6 million.”

Bill O’Reilly Says Smoking Weed At 9-Years-Old Is Part of Black Culture? [VIDEO]

SMH…who lied to Bill O’Reilly and told him he was an expert on black culture?! Bill O’Reilly went on one of his chock-full-of-lies  propaganda rants about that NY Times article we told you about which admitted that marijuana laws disproportionately convict young, black males at four times the rate of young, white males [click here if you missed it]. According to Mr. O’Reilly, black boys and girls start smoking weed at 9-years-old because it’s part of black culture…smh…check it out below…

NY Times Admits Marijuana Arrests Criminalize Young Black Men & Should Be Repealed

They’re just now realizing this? The NY Times recently did an editorial admitting that the disproportionate, mass incarceration and criminalization of young, black men over minor misdemeanor arrests is ruining their lives and creating career criminals. They’re calling on the federal government to repeal the ban on marijuana the same way they did with alcohol many years ago. Check it out below…

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Testfye “Marijuana” [INTRO VIDEO]

Heights Up/West Up Films was founded by Remus “Redd” Arbouet, Gordon “Gg” Green, Nick Espi and Isaac “Zeek” Thompson. We cater to all genres of music! This is our first major release featuring our flagship artist Tesfaye. Check out the intro for his new single “Marijuana” below….

NYPD Still Targeting Blacks & Latinos for Low-Level Marijuana Arrests Despite New Mayor’s Promises [VIDEO]

Despite policy change promises made by recently elected New York mayor Bill de Blasio that NYPD would stop targeting minorities, minorities are still being disproportionately stopped, frisked and arrested for low-level marijuana violations in NYC. One congressman has had enough and is putting pressure on the NYPD to curb the number of minor marijuana arrests in the city….

Feds Use Instagram To Arrest Over 350 Drug Dealers & Seize $7 Million In One Weekend?!

SMH…these idiots just never learn!? The DEA used drug dealer’s narcissistic need to post all their incriminating pictures on Instagram for “likes” to their advantage this weekend and made a record-breaking number of arrests and seizures. One drug dealer was even dumb enough to brag about how police would never catch him, yet geotagged the exact location of his drug warehouse so that police were able to find him…easily! Read the rest of this not-so-bright criminal’s story below…..