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Time Magazine: How 3 of Donald Trump’s Executive Orders Target Communities of Color

Time Magazine just printed an interesting article accusing Donald Trump of leveraging public perception that crime is on the rise in an attempt to create Executive Orders that specifically target and criminalize communities of color. Check it out below and let us know what YOU think….

Honda Ordered Top Pay $24 Million for Overcharging Blacks, Hispanics & Asians

SMH…Honda’s financial serves has been ordered to pay a whopping $24 million  to borrowers who overcharged for being Black, Hispanic and Asian. Check out the details below…

Michelle Rodriguez Apologizes for Saying “Minorities Should Stop Stealing All the White People’s Superheroes”

Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez got herself into a little bit of trouble with a statement she made recently about minorities playing the roles of “white superheroes”. She took to Facebook to apologize for “that whole superhero thing” after igniting a fury of criticism when she casually said last Friday that minority actors should “stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes.” Check out the details below…

What They Won’t Tell You: Black & Latino High School Dropout Rates Reach Record Low!

In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have some new statistics regarding the high school drop out rates of our minority youth that you probably won’t hear about in mainstream media. Despite all the negative news you’ve been hearing about minority youth lately, they’re actually doing great as a whole academically and in record numbers! Check out the details below….

NYPD Still Targeting Blacks & Latinos for Low-Level Marijuana Arrests Despite New Mayor’s Promises [VIDEO]

Despite policy change promises made by recently elected New York mayor Bill de Blasio that NYPD would stop targeting minorities, minorities are still being disproportionately stopped, frisked and arrested for low-level marijuana violations in NYC. One congressman has had enough and is putting pressure on the NYPD to curb the number of minor marijuana arrests in the city….