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Nas & Lauryn Hill Announce Upcoming Tour Together!

Yes, this is really true! Check out the details below….

Nicki Minaj & Nas Spark Dating Rumors

Wordondastreet is that Nicki Minaj and Queensbridge’s own Nasir Jones may be dating! Pre-Meek Mill, Nicki and Nas dating rumors first started back when she chose him to be her leading man in her “Right By My Side” video [see below]. The two shared an onscreen kiss that had people speculating but she was already in a relationship with her now-ex Safaree Samuels so people let it slide. But now that Nicki is posting pictures looking boo’d up with the legendary rapper and even wearing his chain, the rumor mill is in a frenzy! Check out a few of the pics that have people talking below and let us know what you think…

BET Set To Release New Miniseries Based On the Life of Nas

If you’re a fan of legendary Queensbridge rapper Nasir Jones a.k.a. Nas, then this one’s for you!

Nas and BET have announced a new miniseries on the legendary rapper’s journey from New York City’s Queensbridge projects to the Billboard charts.

Deadline reports the project is headed by Rush creator Jonathan Levine — with Nas, Anthony Saleh, Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell expected as the executive producers. Aside from penning the script, Levine will also direct the series.

The pilot is tentatively titled Street Dreams, an hour-long series on the life of Nasir Jones, which will cover the music, family and the trials and tribulations the hip-hop legend endured as an aspiring rapper in New York City. – via vibe

An autobiography on the life of Nas is a great idea but we’re not sure BET is the network to pull it off. To keep it 100, BET movies are usually cheesy as hell so we hope they don’t screw this up! We’ll keep you posted on its release date as more details emerge.

Shots Fired! Diddy Throws Shots At Suge Knight During His Speech: “Now I’m Here, You See It! Take That!” [VIDEO]

Revolt’s 4-day music conference brought out some of the biggest names in Hip Hop this past weekend. During the conference, an award ceremony took place with both Nas and Diddy receiving the first ever Jimmy Iovine Icon Award for their contributions to the game. During his speech, Diddy took the opportunity to throw some shots at his long-time nemesis Suge Knight who is currently in prison fighting an attempted murder charge. Check out what Diddy had to say about it below…

Rapper Nas Presented with Prestigious W.E.B. DuBois Medal at Harvard University

Rapper Nas just added another accolade to his long list of accomplishments. The Queens native was awarded the W.E.B. DuBois Medal at Harvard University on Wednesday night! Check it out below….

Nas & Nore Finally End Their 14-Year-Long Beef!

You might remember the infamous Summer Jam of ’02 when Nas blacked out on Power 105.1 after he was told he couldn’t go on stage to hang a doll with a doll resembling Jay Z during their heated beef. While on the radio dissing Jay, Nas also threw some random shots at his Lefrak homie Nore telling him that he needed to step his rap game up. Wordondastreet is that when Nore and Nas finally bumped heads, Nore allegedly cracked Nas over the head with a flower pot! Even though Nore always seemed apologetic about the incident when asked about it in interviews, the two have reportedly never spoken or seen eachother since then –  that is, until this past weekend! Check out the rest of the details below…

Nas’ Daughter Destiny Launches Her Own Lip Gloss Line ‘Lipmatic’

Nas’ daughter Destiny showed her entreprenurial spirit with a new line of lip gloss that just launched with a name dedicated to her father classic Illmatic album. Check out the details below…

Watch Nas’ Pained Reaction To Seeing The Picture of Man Who Enslaved His Family [VIDEO]

Check out this video of Nas’ reaction to seeing the picture of the slave master who owned his family and the receipt that proved ownership….

Shyne Tells Nas That Slowbucks Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Go Back To Queens

By now, you’ve probably heard about the epic Slowbucks chain snatching incident that happened at Hot 97’s Summer Jam last month [watch the video below if you missed it]. Shyne voiced his opinion on the incident when it first happened saying: “Let me get this straight….they took his kilo chain, his Daytona, the bands in his pocket, kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl & nobody died????? F#%^ing rappers! GTFOH”. An arrest was made for the chain snatching and Slowbucks held a press conference with his lawyer announcing that he would be suing 50 Cent and anybody else involved for “damaging his brand”. The streets weren’t feeling that though and Slowbucks reportedly dropped the lawsuit. Shyne once again put Slowbucks on blast on his Instagram account by posting a picture of him telling Nas that Slowbucks shouldn’t be allowed in Queens anymore. Check it out below…

Must See Trailer for “Hidden Colors 3: The Rules Of Racism” Feat. Nas, Paul Mooney, Dick Gregory & Many More!

This must-see highly anticipated documentary film ‘Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism’ takes an in-depth look at race relations in America. ‘Hidden Colors 3′ is the third installment of the groundbreaking documentary series  that talks about the untold history of people of color  and features commentary from Paul Mooney, Nas, Dick Gregory and many more. Check out the trailer below…

Queensbridge Residents Show Love To Nas On 20 Year Anniversary of “Illmatic” Album

The DailyNews did a cool story on Queensbridge’s legendary MC Nasir Jones this week. 20 years ago, Nas dropped what is widely considered to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time with ‘Illmatic’.  DN talked to various residents of the neighborhood who spoke about the positive impact that Nas and his music has had on their community over the years and why they still love him today! Check it out below…