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New York’s Free Tuition Program Comes With A Catch

New York City’s monumental announcement that they are providing free tuition at state colleges comes with a big catch! Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Help Homeless Women & Girls In Shelters This Saturday, July 16th at Jolie’s NYC!!


Have you ever been homeless or in a position where you need help? I pray you never are. It’s not something someone brags about. Life changes quickly. Natural disasters, house fires, loss of a job, domestic violence, rent spike the list goes on and this could be any one of us. Pay it forward, give back by helping the next person get back on their feet with these simple donations. PLEASE REPOST: Join me in 5 days. ***THIS SATURDAY, JULY 16th @joliesnyc*** We are not asking for money so please Do NOT arrive empty handed. Each person can make difference by donating any 3 of the following items: Here is a list of items the organization has requested for individual use. Toiletries list:  (Items must be unused) * Women’s personal hygiene products * Shampoo/conditioner * Soap * Deodorant (stick) * Women’s makeup * Brushes/combs * Toothbrushes * Toothpaste * Washcloth * Towels * Sleep mask * Ear plugs * Hand lotion and anything else you feel is needed. Not sure? Ask a woman.

‘Flavor of Love’ Star ‘New York’ Opens Up About Her ‘Botched’ Breast Implants On E! [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what happened to Tiffany Pollard a.k.a. ‘New York’ from Vh1’s groundbreaking reality show ‘Flavor of Love’ and her own VH1 spinoff ‘I Love New York’ ? Neither did I. Anyway, she’s going to be on tonight’s season premiere of Botched on E!, which follows doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they remedy extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong…and her breast surgery definitely went wrong! Check out the preview below…

Ebola-Positive NY Doctor Who Traveled Around City Has New Yorkers On Edge

NYC has been on edge ever since it was revealed that a dumbass doctor who just came back from treating Ebola patients in West Africa and contracted the Ebola virus himself rode the subway, went to a bowling alley, walked on The High Line, took an Uber cab and even went to a music club! Check out the details below…

NY High School Student Kwasi Enin Gets Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

In today’s good news of the day, we have Kwasi Enin! Kwasi is a New York high school student who applied and was accepted to all eight top Ivy League schools!  This is the second h.s. student this week we’ve heard about doing something like this!? Last week it was 17-year-old Avery Coffee from D.C. who got accepted to five Ivy League schools (click here if you missed it). Now that’s what we call March Madness! Check out Kwasi’s inspirational story below…

5-Year-Old Queens Girl In Desperate Need of Kidney Transplant Before It’s Too Late!

A 5-year-old girl from Queens, NY by the name of Kinsey Saleh is in desperate need of a kidney transplant after suddenly being diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure in January. In an cruel twist of fate, Kinsey’s mother’s kidney is an exact match but she can’t donate due to her own medical condition. Doctors say that Kinsey’s time is running out and she needs a kidney donor ASAP! Please take a moment to read about little Kinsey Saleh’s story below and scroll to the bottom of the article for more information on how you can help out….