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Self-Serving Publicity Stunt or Worthy Cause? Debate Over Amber Rose’s ‘Slut Walk’ Continues [Pics & Video]

This weekend, Amber Rose’s much-hyped “Slut Walk” took place in Los Angeles and the reviews have been definitely been mixed! Some people believe the event was a complete success and a much needed continuation of the original ‘Slut Walk’ whose intent was to end victim-blaming in rape incidents. Others feel that Amber turned a righteous cause into a self-serving publicity stunt for hoes to justify their hoeish behaviour complete with chants of “My pu**y, my choice”, twerking and dildo throwing contests. While some thought the event sent the wrong message to young girls, a GoFundMe campaign for the SlutWalk pulled in a respectable $55,000 dollars! Check it out below and let us know your take on it…..

Female NYPD Officers Under Investigation for Posting Selfies?

In more head-scratching news, female NYPD officers are now being investigated for posting selfies of themselves on Instagram and Facebook. The police department is investigating at least six female officers for posting selfies in uniform online. Check out the details below…

Draya Michele’s Sex Tape Gets Leaked!

Another day, another semi-celebrity sex tape gets leaked! This time the woman in question is Draya Michele from ‘Basketball Wives’ who is ironically the same girl who claimed that her “hoeness” got deleted. Guess not because somebody still had her hoeness stored on their USB! Check out the details and some of the screenshots below…

Keke Palmer Becomes the Latest Victim of Celebrity iCloud Hackers! *NSFW

Just when you thought they were done, actress/talk show host Keke Palmer has just become the latest victim of the iCloud celebrity hackers. Most of the pictures are PG-13 but there were a few Rated R ones in there which showed the starlet’s under-breast tattoo and  piercings, and one — snapped by a second party — even shows her texting/playing on her iPhone 6 while sitting naked on the toilet. Check out the pics, a few of which we had to photoshop, below…

Beyonce Posts Photos From Her Birthday Trip To The South of France & Italy [PICS]

Beyonce shared some more photos from her B’day trip on a yacht to Italy and the South of France. Hopefully, these bikini pictures will put an end to the annoying and ever-present pregnancy rumors! It also looks like Beyonce has been doing some squats because that cake is looking like it grew a little somethin’, somethin’? Check these out how the other half lives while we’re slaving away at our day jobs…lol..smh…

Got Proof? Pictures of D’Jango Actress Daniele Watts Show Her In Compromising Position

We’ve been telling you the story of Daniele Watts, the ‘D’Jango’ actress who was handcuffed for allegedly performing a sex romp in public with her white boyfriend in L.A. Daniele claimed that the police racially profiled her because she was kissing her white boyfriend but after the audio and these pictures have now been released…we can’t back Daniele up on this one! Check it out below…

50 Cent Shares Pictures of His Son “Lil 50’s” 2nd Birthday Party

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree judging from the scowl on 50’s son’s face and the baby Benz he’s driving. Check out some more pictures of his 2-year-old son’s birthday party which his proud pops posted on social media….

Remy Ma Released From Prison & Back On Her Grind Already [PICS]

After a lot of initial confusion, Remy Ma was officially released from prison yesterday after serving a 6-year-sentence. Remy was convicted after she shot a former friend in the stomach over some money ($3000) that went missing from her purse after leaving a friend’s brithday party back in July of 2007. Check out the details of her release below and a few pictures Remy shared with her fans on social media of the event….

Damage Control? Beyonce Shares Happy Family Pictures with Jay Z & Solange

Looks like Beyonce is orchestrating a bit of PR-style damage control in the wake of that now infamous video of her younger sister Solange putting hands, feet…and even a little spit on her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator a couple weeks ago. Check it out below…

Like Brother, Like Sister: Jaden Smith Photoed Shirtless In Bed with Kylie Jenner

Will and Jada’s son Jaden Smith is getting in on the picture controversy action his younger sister caused last week (click here if you missed that) with a suggestive picture of his own . This one was taken with one of the Kardashian sisters,  Kylie Jenner, and has critics raising questions again about Will and Jada’s “let them be free” parenting style. Check out the details below…

Rihanna Has the Internet Going Nuts Wearing No Bikini Bottoms for Racy Photoshoot *NSFW

They don’t call her Bad Gal RiRi for nothing! Rihanna has the collective internet going nuts right now over some pictures that were released yesterday from an undisclosed French magazine’s photoshoot. Rihanna decided to drop the bikini bottoms and pose nude from the waist down in all her Caribbean glory! This chick definitely has no shame in her game! Check out the pics below and let us know what you think….

Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Share Vacay Pics From the Dominican Republic

Must be nice to be Beyonce & Jay Z! Must be even better to be Blue Ivy now that I think about it? I’m not even gonna lie, today is a slow news day so if you’re at work feeling like a jerk, check out some pictures of Queen Bey and the family on vacation in the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic below and pretend you’re one of them….

Feds Use Instagram To Arrest Over 350 Drug Dealers & Seize $7 Million In One Weekend?!

SMH…these idiots just never learn!? The DEA used drug dealer’s narcissistic need to post all their incriminating pictures on Instagram for “likes” to their advantage this weekend and made a record-breaking number of arrests and seizures. One drug dealer was even dumb enough to brag about how police would never catch him, yet geotagged the exact location of his drug warehouse so that police were able to find him…easily! Read the rest of this not-so-bright criminal’s story below…..

Teen Stabs Her Best Friend To Death for Posting Nude Pictures Of Them On Facebook

This is a sad story of a friendship gone terribly wrong. A teen became so enraged after her best friend posted nude photos of the two on Facebook that she ended up brutally stabbing her to death with a knife! SMH…social media is the devil! Check it out below…