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LAPD Pays $1.5 Million Settlement for Killing Unarmed Mentally Ill Black Man But Won’t Press Charges

The Los Angeles City Council approved a $1.5 million payout Wednesday to settle the 2014 police killing of Ezell Ford, an unarmed, mentally ill black man but refuse to press charges against the officers involved. Check out the details below and let us know what you think….

Phillipines President Rodrigo Duterte Asks: “Why Are You Americans Killing Black People, Shooting Them Down When They’re Already On the Ground?” [VIDEO]

You know things are bad when even the President of a “third-world” country which is currently littered with dead bodies after he told his citizens to kill all the drug dealers calls out America for its hypocrisy and its mistreatment of black people. Check out what Phillipines President Rodrigo Duterte said in a recent speech about police shootings in the good old U.S. of A…

D.L. Hughley Gets In Heated Debate with Fox’s Megyn Kelly Over Police Shootings [VIDEO]

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and comedian/political pundit D.L. Hughley got into a heated debate centered around police shootings and it got pretty intense! Check out the footage below and let us know who you think got this round…