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TRB2HH Presents: Checkout My Melody| A True Story About Rakim [VIDEO]

Checkout My Melody is one of the most honest docuseries to date on Rakim. Eric B and Rakim’s contribution to Hip Hop goes way beyond music. It’s their influence, style and persona that changed the Hiphop Culture. In this film you will see and hear accounts of their success never capture in it’s entirety on film. The story focuses on the two major records that got the world to notice them “ Eric B is president and Checkout My Melody”.  Also with an exclusive listen of the original “Checkout My melody” That Rakim used to show legendary producer Marley Marl…

R.I.P. Prodigy from Mobb Deep Passes Away At 42

Some sad news to report today as it has been confirmed that legendary  rapper Albert Johnson a.k.a. Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today. Check out the details below…

Industry Muscle Presents: RapStar the Series Starring Maino

In this preview you will get to meet ” LAH” (Maino) and Milly Buckz ( Troy honesty handling the new of an important meeting with J- Money who just go word from the label that a lot of Shit is about to change. In the mist of breaking the news J-Money has a new artist in the studio that is giving him a run for his money ( No pun intended) because of some extra activity between the two that will soon come to surface. Directed by James Kraze Billings. Co Exec. Producer Jermaine Maino Coleman, Kadeem Huggins , Lerone Jones, Judy san Roman, Michael Francis and Denise Wells

Tune in every Monday and Thursday 7pm on www.industrymuscle.com

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Bronx Rapper Haddy Racks Raps About Fighting for Custody of His Son In “My Little Man”

Bronx’s own Haddy Racks tackles an issue that doesn’t get as much shine as it should and that’s women who use their child/children as pawns to get back at their child’s father. Haddy raps about his personal experience in his fight to be a permanent fixture in his son’s life for his new music video “My Lil’ Man”. He son even co-stars in the video. Check it out below and let us know what you think..

For Discussion: Is Flo Rida a Sellout for Agreeing To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration for $1 Million?

Rapper/Pop Artist Flo Rida agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration has become a hot debate on social media. This comes as a surprise for many being that he had previously pulled out of Donald’s Miss USA pageant in 2015 over Trump’s offensive comments about Mexicans. He also is supposed to be a huge fan of the Obamas  and he even posted a pic of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on Jan. 10, referring to them as a “power couple”.  Flo Rida has never openly denounced the President-elect but it should be noted that the singer was hit with $1.2 million in tax liens in 2014, which may have played a part in his decision. Many are calling Flo Rida a sellout for agreeing to perform for Donald Trump while others say he would be a fool if he didn’t! We’d like to know what do YOU think about it? Is Flo Rida selling his soul or is he should he just ignore his naysayers and, as DJ Khaled says, “secure the bag”? Let us know!

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Papa Doc – Let It Go (Official Video)

Check out the visuals for Papa Doc’s hot new single “Let It Go”!

J. Cole Addresses Kanye West & Wale In New Song “False Prophets” & Fans Are Loving It

J. Cole’s new track entitled ‘False Prophets’ where he addresses Kanye West’s career from a disgruntled fan’s standpoint is tearing up the internet and has everyone talking right now. Some call it a diss track while others say that J. Cole was basically just saying what a lot of people have been saying about Kanye. Wordondastreet is that the second verse may have been about Wale but the jury is still out on that one. Was this a certified diss or just J. Cole just expressing his mind? Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Diddy Claims Suge Knight Copped a Plea When He Stepped to Him After the Source Awards: “I Was Talking About Jermaine Dupri!” [VIDEO]

Now that Suge Knight is locked up, everyone seems to feel a lot more comfortable talking wreckless about him lately? Diddy told a never-been-told story about how he stepped to Suge Knight after Suge dissed him at the infamous 1995 Source Awards for dancing in all of his artist’s videos. Diddy claims that Suge copped a plea when he approached him about it and said that he was really talking about Jermaine Dupri! Check it out below and let us know if you believe Diddy version of events…

Kanye West’s Epic Rant Against Beyonce & Jay : “Jay Z, I Know You Got Killers. Please Don’t Send Them At My Head!” [VIDEO]

Kanye West went on one of his epic rants at his Sacremento concert and even his most die-hard fans are calling it the official mental breakdown. Kanye ended his performance after only 15 minutes, leaving concert goers highly upset, but not before ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce! Right before storming off stage, Kanye casually mentioned that Jay allegedly has “killers” who could come after him! Check it out below…

Lil Wayne Claps Back At T.I. for Calling Him a “Coon” Over His Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I. called out his peer/close friend Lil Wayne for “coonin” in an open letter this weekend for his recent comments regarding Black Lives Matter. During the interview, Wayne spoke dismissively about the movement and claimed that racism doesn’t exist because he’s a “rich ni**a” [click here if you missed it]. After the backlash he caught, Wayne later half-way apologized, and reportedly fired his publicists for failing to prevent the broadcast but that wasn’t enough for T.I. Check out what T.I. said to his former homie and Lil Wayne’s response to his comments below…

Lil Wayne Apologizes (Sort Of) for His ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comments [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne stirred up a lot of controversy on social media yesterday with his recent interview on NightLine where he blasted the Black Lives Matter movement, denied racism existed because he’s a “rich ni**a”, pulled out a red bandana before he stormed out mumbling about how gangsta’ he is. Wayne in now in damage control from the backlash he received and issued a watered down apology and explanation for his actions. Check it out below…

Industry Muscle Presents: The Untold Story of K-SOLO and EPMD’s Hit Sqaud [VIDEO]

This documentary explores one of the most strategic collectives in Hip-hop in the early 1990’s. Erick Sermon and Parish Smith was one of the premiere Groups/Record producers to form a unlikely group of superstars called the Hit Squad. K-solo being one of the first to be signed to EPMD found early success with his appearance on the groups album ” Unfinished Business” and Solo being featured on the song ” Knick Knack Patty Whack”. From there Kevin Madison A/K/A K-SOLO from Central Islip, New York who, along with Redman, EPMD, Das EFX, and Keith Murray, was part of the Hit Squad in the 1990s. K-solo would invent a spelling style that will cause major controversy down the road with a then up and coming rapper from Yonkers called DMX. This documentary captures his time with Hip Hops first collective “Hit Squad” and his overall contribution to the genre of music with his own Hit records ” Spellbound and Your Mom’s in my business”. Take a look at a never told story from the man himself K-SOLO of the golden age of hip-hop at it’s purest form. Including the ups and downs of success and friendships that go terribly wrong...

Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemand Gets New Trial After His Murder-for-Hire Conviction Trial Is Thrown Out

The notorious founder of Czar Entertainment, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, caught a huge break in court yesterday after his murder for-hire-conviction was overturned Tuesday. The man who Tupac accused back in the 90s of setting him up to be shot on his infamous track ‘The Realest Sh** I Ever Wrote’ has been granted a new murder trial. Check out the details below….

Rapper Kevin Gates Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail for Kicking Fan [VIDEO]

Rapper Kevin Gates will be spending the next several months in prison for kicking a fan during one of his performances. Check out the details below…

Suge Knight Sues Dr. Dre for Hiring a Hitman To Kill Him

The notorious CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, recently filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dre claiming that Dre hired a hitman to kill him! Check out the details below…

Shots Fired! Drake Calls Pusha T a Fake Drug Dealer & Disses Kid Cudi On New Track “2 Birds One Stone”

Drake is living up to the title of his new track and responding to both Pusha T’s diss and Kid Cud’s recent rant about him on “2 Birds One Stone”.  Check it out below…

Shots Fired! Diddy Throws Shots At Suge Knight During His Speech: “Now I’m Here, You See It! Take That!” [VIDEO]

Revolt’s 4-day music conference brought out some of the biggest names in Hip Hop this past weekend. During the conference, an award ceremony took place with both Nas and Diddy receiving the first ever Jimmy Iovine Icon Award for their contributions to the game. During his speech, Diddy took the opportunity to throw some shots at his long-time nemesis Suge Knight who is currently in prison fighting an attempted murder charge. Check out what Diddy had to say about it below…

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Writes “Commissary Kitchen” Cookbook for Healthy Eating In Prison

Prodigy, 1/2 half of the legendary Queensbridge rap duo Mobb Deep, used his time productively during his 3 1/2 year bid on a gun charge as evidenced by the release of his second book penned behind bars. This one is actually a work-with-what-you-got cookbook whose target audience includes inmates and college students entitled Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, which will be published this month, written by Prodigy and journalist Kathy Iandoli. Check out the details below….

Meek Mill Responds To Beanie Sigel Interview with a Screenshot of a Text Message Beanie Sent Him

Beanie Sigel sat down on the Tax Season podcast to air out all the ongoing drama going on right now between him and Meek Mill which resulted in Beans getting knocked out cold by one of Meek’s goons, Teefy Bey [click here if you missed it]. Beans talked about the background story that led up to him and Meek’s disagreement. Meek didn’t take too kindly to what Beans had to say about him on the podcast and responded with a text message Beanie sent him a week prior. Check it out below…

Beanie Sigel Speaks On Getting Knocked Out By Meek Mill’s Goon & Says Meek’s Beef with Drake Was Really Over Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]

Beanie Sigel is finally giving his side of the story regarding that footage of him getting knocked out by one of Meek Mill’s goons. According to Beans, it was a sucker punch move that Meek will eventually have to answer for and that Meek’s real beef with Drake was over the fact that he couldn’t figure out if Drake smashed his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Check it out below….