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Stacey Dash Is Fired From Fox News & Social Media Is Loving It!

In another episode of “When Coonin’ Goes Wrong”, social media is rejoicing over the news that controversial Fox contributor Stacey Dash has been fired from Fox News!  A representative for the network confirmed the parting of ways over the weekend, pointing out that Dash has not appeared on Fox News since September. Dash has yet to comment on the matter, but continues to identify herself as a Fox News “contributor” in her Twitter bio. Check out the field day Twitter users are having over her long overdue departure….

Stacey Dash Says Women Need To Stop Making Excuses & Just Work Harder If They Want Equal Pay with Men [VIDEO]

Every time Stacey Dash opens her mouth, we understand more and more why she was cast to play in the movie “Clueless”. This time Stacey put her foot in her mouth on ‘The Meredith Vieira Show’ and even Meredith had to put her in her place regarding her views on gender inequality. According to Stacey, women need to stop making excuses & just work harder than men if they want equal pay. Check out their exchange below…

Stacey Dash & James Woods Blame “PigSharpton” & Mayor deBlasio for the Execution Deaths of NYPD Officers.

SMH…Stacey Dash has found a kindred soul in her ‘clueless’ FOX news rhetoric in fellow actor James Woods. Both celebrities went on a public rant claiming that NY Mayor Bill deBlasio and Al Sharpton are to blame for the recent execution-style killings of two NYPD officers. Check out the details below…

Stacey Dash Says Blacks Are Uneducated & Blames Obama

Right-wing commentator/actress Stacey Dash set off another firestorm of criticism with some remarks she made about black people and Obama on Fox News the other day. Check it out below and let us know if you agree with Stacey or not….

Stacey Dash: ‘Kanye West Should Try Getting Raped In Rikers Island Prison To Understand What Rape Is’ [VIDEO]

Even though she was the main star in one of his hit videos (All Falls Down), Stacey Dash has a major bone to pick with Kanye West for comparing the paparazzi’s constant presence to being “raped”. Check it out below…