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Drug Dealers Posing As Uber Drivers Arrested In the Bronx

It was only a matter of time before this became a thing in NYC. Two brothers from the Bronx were just caught running a drug ring that was using Uber driver to deliver the goods! Check out the details below…

Black-Owned Ride-Sharing App ‘Moovn’ Becomes Uber’s Competition!

If you thought Uber & Lyft were going to end the racism black people notoriously experience trying to hail yellow cabs then you’d be wrong. According to the two-year study by National Bureau of Economic Research, which analyzed 1500 rides in Seattle and Boston, black riders have to wait longer to be picked up than white riders, and sometimes, they are not picked up at all.  An enterprising, young man by the name of Goodwin Gabriel has the solution for that! Goodwin is looking to move in on the ride-sharing tech business with his app called Moovn, which he hopes will be able to compete with Uber and Lyft on a national and even international scale. Check out the details below….