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*UPDATE: Cleveland Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Reportedly Kills Himself In Pennsylvania

The man wanted for shooting dead a 74-year-old man and posting video of the heinous act to Facebook has reportedly committed suicide. Check out the details below…

Men Who Accused Bishop Eddie Long of Sexual Molestation Address His Death

Two of the four young men who accused and sued popular Bishop Eddie Long for sexual misconduct with a minor are addressing the controversial religious leader’s death  in an exclusive interview with AJC. Check out the details below…

*Update: Man Who Fatally Shot Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight In Road Rage Case Charged with Manslaughter

The first steps towards justice were taken today after it was announced that the Louisiana driver who shot and killed former New York Jets player Joe McKnight has been booked for manslaughter after initially walking free. Check out the details below..

*Update: Judge Declares Mistrial In Case of Against Cop Who Shot Walter Scott In the Back [VIDEO]

In what is being called yet another miscarriage of justice, a South Carolina judge declared a mistrial today in the racially-charged murder case against a white police officer accused in last year’s controversial shooting death of an unarmed black motorist. After video footage proved that the majority of the cop’s testimony was false, this should have been an open and shut case but not in Amerikkka! Check out the details below….

Chicago Trump Supporter Who Verbally Attacked Black Employees In Viral Video Is Identified: ‘I Voted for Trump — So There!’

A video of another crazy Trump-supporter lashing out is going viral and the woman has now been identified as a former human resources business partner at Sinai Health System by the name of Jennifer Boyle . Boyle went on a very loud, 20-minute rant screaming that she “voted for Trump” and called African-American employees “animals” after she was asked to purchase a $1 reusable bag at a Chicago-area arts and crafts store. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Boyle has been caught on camera verbally abusing employees of an establishment either! Check out the video and details below….

Donald Trump Elected the 45th President of the United States

To all of those who said that they would be leaving the country if Donald Trump got elected, time to pack those bags! Reality star Donald John Trump has shocked the world and became the 4th president of the United States! Check out the details below….

Lil Wayne Claps Back At T.I. for Calling Him a “Coon” Over His Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I. called out his peer/close friend Lil Wayne for “coonin” in an open letter this weekend for his recent comments regarding Black Lives Matter. During the interview, Wayne spoke dismissively about the movement and claimed that racism doesn’t exist because he’s a “rich ni**a” [click here if you missed it]. After the backlash he caught, Wayne later half-way apologized, and reportedly fired his publicists for failing to prevent the broadcast but that wasn’t enough for T.I. Check out what T.I. said to his former homie and Lil Wayne’s response to his comments below…

Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemand Gets New Trial After His Murder-for-Hire Conviction Trial Is Thrown Out

The notorious founder of Czar Entertainment, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, caught a huge break in court yesterday after his murder for-hire-conviction was overturned Tuesday. The man who Tupac accused back in the 90s of setting him up to be shot on his infamous track ‘The Realest Sh** I Ever Wrote’ has been granted a new murder trial. Check out the details below….

Erica Garner Blasts Hillary Clinton After Email Leaks Show They Discussed “Using” Her Father’s Death for Campaign [VIDEO]

The daughter of Eric Garner, who died after he was put in a police chokehold, is blasting Hillary Clinton’s campaign after newly released WikiLeaks revealed email conversations about using her father’s death to protest gun violence. Check out the details below…

*Update: Tommy from ‘Martin’ Passes Away At 52 After Suffering Aneurysm

Some sad news to report as TMZ has confirmed that Tommy Ford, who is most well-known for playing “Tommy” on the 90’s sitcom classic “Martin”, is currently on life support after an an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen and passed away this afternoon. Check out the details below…

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll In Haiti Surges To 842 Fatalities, Suggested Charities To Donate To Inside (Not Red Cross!)

If you’re still waiting for Facebook to create a “Pray for Haiti” hashtag, don’t hold your breath. While mainstream media and social media seemed to be focused on Hurricane Matthew and its minimal effects on the U.S., reports are now coming out of Haiti that have the death toll soaring to 842 fatalities! Tens of thousands are now homeless and outbreaks of cholera, which never existed in Haiti until U.N. Peacekeepers brought it in, are already claiming more lives. Want to donate but not sure what charities can be trusted? Thanks to Charity Navigator, which rates charities in terms of their effectiveness, we are able to provide you with a list of organizations that have already proved themselves to be upstanding below….

Chicago Hits Record 512 Murders This Year with 13 Killed Over Labor Day Weekend Alone

SMH…Chicago is a certified war zone with over 512 murders already this year and 13 killed over this past Labor Day weekend. Check out the details below…

*Troy Ave Shooting Update: TaxStone’s Involvement, Cops Admit They’re Looking for 2nd Shooter & 3 Guns Found In Troy Ave’s Van

By now you’ve probably heard about the shooting that went down at Irving Plaza this past weekend involving Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave that left one person dead and two others wounded [click here if you missed it]. After initially saying that Troy Ave somehow shot his childhood friend Ronald McPhatter and himself in the leg, cops have now admitted that they are looking for a second shooter in the incident. Police have also revealed that they found 3 guns in the van Troy Ave used to get to the hospital afterwards, including the one used in the shooting. Wordondastreet is that up-and-coming podcaster TaxStone may have been the second shooter and the reason all of this went down but that has yet to be proven. Check out the details below…

NYPD Cop Peter Liang Who Shot Akia Gurley In Brooklyn Stairwell Found Guilty of Manslaughter

The rookie NYPD cop, Peter Liang, who gunned down innocent and unarmed Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn housing project stairwell was convicted Thursday of manslaughter. After shooting Gurley, Liang called his sergeants cell phone in attempt to get out of his mess instead of calling the shooting in as he was required to do which also contributed to his guilty charge. Check out the details below…

DMX Found Unconscious with No Pulse, Cop Performs Emergency CPR & Saves His Life

DMX may be known for his affinity for dogs but he’s definitely resembling a cat with nine lives right now. The X man was found unconscious with no pulse laying next to his car before a Yonkers cop saved his life last night. Check out the details below…

*Update: OKC Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Sentenced To 263 Years for Raping 13 Black Women While On Duty

The former Oklahoma City cop who preyed on and sexually assaulted 13 black women in the neighborhood he patrolled was sentenced to 263 years in prison during an emotional hearing today. Check out the details below….

*Update: Teens Charged In Park Gang Rape Claim Daughter Was Having Sex with Her Father

A disturbing plot twist has occurred in that story about that horrific gang rape committed by 5 teens on an 18-year-old female that was hanging out in a Brooklyn park with her father [click here if you missed it]. Two teens charged claim that the sex was consensual — and told cops she was having intercourse with her father in a Brooklyn park when they first saw her? Check out the details below…

Late Shots Fired? Meek Mill Threatens Drake On New Track [AUDIO]

SMH…they say “better late than never” but we’re not sure that applies to Meek Mill finally dissing Drake back in this situation – especially since the diss could effect the judge’s decision to send him back to jail in his upcoming court case! Meek Mill finally responded to Drake’s “Back To Back” diss in an upcoming mixtape Dreamchasers 4, rapping “Dead serious when I was saying s**t about the rhymes you ain’t wrote/ I can’t wait until we run into ya, I’ma put a gun in ya.” Check out the snippet below…

*Update: Grand Jury Decides NOT To Indict Officers Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice [VIDEO]

SMH….in yet another controversial verdict, a Cleveland grand jury has decided NOT to indict officers in the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Check out the details below….

*Update: Grand Jury Issues No Indictments In Sandra Bland Case

SMH….a grand jury has decided not to indict ANYONE in the case of Sandra Bland, whose death in police custody raised questions of excessive force and the role of race. Check out the details below…