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Production Begins On Tupac Biopic “All Eyez On Me”

After a whole lot of drama and a multimillion dollar lawsuit, production on the highly-anticipated Tupac biopic “All Eyez On Me” has finally begun! Check out the details below…..

Ginuwine Blasts Tyrese for Putting Their Personal Beef On Social Media

The ‘B’ in R&B is starting to look like it stands for “Beef” judging from TGT’s (Tryese, Genuwine & Tank) recent social media posts. Tryese announced that TGT was breaking up and their breakup blaming it on Ginuwine and Ginuwine was not feeling that at all! Check out Ginuwine’s response to Tyrese below…

Iggy Azalea Accepts Erykah Badu’s Apology for Dissing Her At the Soul Train Awards [VIDEO]

Erykah Badu made an apology video to Iggy Azalea after dissing her in her monologue for the Soul Train Awards saying that her music wasn’t considered rap. It looks like Iggy was in a very forgiving mood judging from her response! Check it out below…

Burger King Confirms Cops Deleted Key Video Footage of Laquan McDonald Being Shot 16 Times [VIDEO]

Add tampering with evidence in a murder case and conspiracy to the list of charges! As if the graphic dashcam footage of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by Chicago Officer Van Dyke wasn’t bad enough, other news is coming out about how Chicago police worked to suppress video proving he was shot without justification! Check out this plot twist below…

Patti LaBelle Claims That Her Pies Were Selling Out Before James Wright’s Viral Video [VIDEO]

Ms. Patti must have fell and bumped her head? Patti LaBelle says that she loves the YouTube guy who sang the praises of her sweet potato pies, but she says the frenzy over the delicious dessert is all her doing. Check out the details below….

Jared Fogle Sentenced To 15 Years After His Lawyer Claims He Suffers from “Mild Pedophilia”?!

SMDH….just when you thought you heard it all! Jared Fogle, omnipresent spokesperson for Subway after losing 235 pounds eating turkey and vegetable sandwiches, quickly became the object of shocked ridicule when he was charged with receiving child pornography and traveling across state lines to participate in illicit paid sex with a minor. How could America’s favorite sandwich-lover be so villainously sick? According to Jared’s defense team, he suffers from “mild pedophila” because of his Subway sandwiches….yes, they actually said that! Check out the details below….

Is It Still Ok To Listen To R. Kelly? R. Kelly Speaks Candidly About His Child Sex Allegations & His Career

Some die-hard fans of the legendary R&B crooner R. Kelly couldn’t care less about those pesky child sex allegations that have been following him throughout nearly his entire career while other ex-fans refuse to support him. New York Magazine conducted an interesting interview with Kellz recently and he didn’t hold back! Kelly spoke very candidly about the allegations and even claimed that they wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for him being a celebrity. Check out what the Pied Piper had to say below….

Charlie Sheen Set To Announce That He Is HIV Positive On National TV Tomorrow Morning

It looks like that “tiger blood” Charlie Sheen used to brag about having may have been tainted! The Hollywood actor is reportedly HIV-positive and will reveal his status in a shock announcement on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday morning. Check out the details below…

Ronda Roussey Breaks Her Silence Regarding Her Loss

MMA Fighter Ronda Roussey broke her silence regarding her embarrassing loss to Holly Holm on Saturday night. Check out what she had to say below….

Spring Valley H.S. Kids Protest In SUPPORT of Officer Who Dragged Female Student Out of Class

Here’s a twist in that story about the Spring Valley H.S. Resource Officer who went viral after brutally dragging a female student out of class for being on her cellphone. Students in her high school actually held a protest in support of the officer, who they used to refer to as “Officer Slam”, and asked that he be brought back to the school! Check out the details below…

*Update: Inmates Who Made Rap Video in Prison Get Sentenced To Years In Solitary Confinement [VIDEO]

Last year, we told you about several South Carolina inmates who managed to record a rap video and get it posted on Worldstarhiphop.com while serving time behind bars [click here if you missed it]. Well recently, those seven inmates were punished with a combined total of nearly 20 years of solitary confinement! Does the punishment fit the crime is the question we’re asking? Check out the details below and let us know what you think….

Altercation In Which Deputy Brutally Assaulted Female Student Started Over Her Cell Phone [VIDEO]

SMDH….some new information has been released regarding that video of the shocking assault on a Spring Valley female High School student by Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ben Field that has now gone viral. The entire altercation apparently started over the girl’s cell phone, a classmate revealed. Check out the details below….

Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Call off Their Divorce

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian jointly went to court to dismiss their divorce case, because they want to remain husband and wife. Check out the details below…

50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson Talks About His Father Killing Him On “Power” & Possible Reconciliation [VIDEO]

50 Cent’s strained relationship with his son Marquise Jackson is pretty well known due to the numerous public beefs he has had with both his son’s mother and Marquise himself. Marquise was recently interviewed and he spoke about him and his father’s relationship and whether or not it could be mended. He also spoke about his new half-brother and how it felt for 50 to figuratively “kill” him on his hit show ‘Power’. Check it out below…

*Update On Lamar Odom’s Critical Condition

As you’ve probably already heard, former NBA star Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after falling into unconsciousness at Dennis Hoff’s Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada. Check out the update on his condition and his father’s reaction to the sad news below…

Feds Ask Judge To Go Easy On Love & Hip Hop NY’s Mendeecees?

A while back we told you about those Wordondastreet rumors that Love & Hip Hop’s Mendeeces Harris cooperated a.k.a. snitched on someone big to federal authorities in order to reduce the amount of prison time he would have to serve [click here if you missed it]. Well, this new revelation that federal prosecutors in his drug running case have asked the judge to be lenient and allow him to serve no more than 10 years for the crimes just added more fuel to that fire! Check out the details below….

Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King & His Wife Respond To Allegations That He’s Really White

Rachel Dolezal 2.0? A key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement who claimed he was the victim of a horrific hate crime in his youth as a result of his race has been outed as white. Shaun King, an author and writer who is one of the leading voices speaking out against police brutality on social media, has claimed he is biracial in numerous interviews. King has said that his father is black and his mother is white and of Irish descent – but his birth certificate lists his parents as both white! Check out the details below…

Mos Def Explains Why He’s Backing Out of Rap Battle with Lupe Fiasco [VIDEO]

Yasiin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def recently got Hip Hop fans in a frenzy when a video was released of him saying that him, Black Thought of the Roots and King Los would be down to battle ANYBODY in the hip hop game right now [see below]. Well Lupe Fiasco accepted Mos’ challenge but to many hip hop fans’ dismay, Mos has released a new video explaining why he won’t battle Lupe or any other rapper for that matter. Check it out below…

Meek Mill Drops New Bars Dissing Drake: “Lil Wayne Don’t Like You…” [VIDEO]

Just when you thought the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef was dying down! It looks like Meek wasn’t feeling that fact that Drake is now using those memes of him as the butt of his jokes at his concerts now [click here if you missed it]. Meek Mill spit some new bars dissing Drake and talked about giving Drake and his OVO crew “wedgies” when he sees them? Check out the footage below…

Officer Darren Wilson Says Who Mike Brown Was As a Person Is Meaningless & His Parents Didn’t Raise Him Right

SMDH….this is exactly the problem with too many police officers in our country – they don’t even consider black people to be human beings! The cop who killed Mike Brown, Darren Wilson, did an interview with The New Yorker to explain his side of the story on that tragic day. Instead, Wilson ended up reopening wounds with his lack of remorse for the the events that transpired. To add insult to injury, Wilson even threw Mike Brown’s parents under the bus in this interview! SMH….check out some of the lowlights of the interview which has definitely rubbed many people the wrong way below…