Texas Police Now Admit 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards Killed By Cop Was Not Driving In An “Aggressive Manner” After Video Is Released

SMDH….Situations like this are why many people do not trust the police. As family and friends mourned the death of a 15-year-old boy shot in the head by a police officer in a Dallas suburb over the weekend, the police chief said Monday that new evidence showed the killing did not unfold the way the authorities had originally claimed. Check out the details below….

The Police Department in Balch Springs, Tex., said Sunday that the officer, whose name has not been released, fired on a car carrying the teenager, Jordan Edwards, a freshman at Mesquite High School in nearby Mesquite, Tex., because the car was reversing down a street toward the officer in an “aggressive manner.”

But Jonathan Haber, the police chief, told reporters at a news conference on Monday afternoon that video showed the opposite. He said the officer fired when the car was “moving forward as the officers approached,” according to The Associated Press. The Dallas County medical examiner’s report ruled the death a homicide caused by a “rifle wound” to the head.

Lee Merritt, a lawyer for the Edwards family, praised the police chief for his willingness to admit the department’s mistake and called the new account “a big deal.”

 “There were no weapons involved; there was no aggressive behavior; these were not suspects,” Mr. Merritt said in a telephone interview. “The lone motive they had for the murder was that the vehicle was being used as a weapon, and now that is no longer there.”

Efforts to reach officials with the Police Department after Monday’s news conference were unsuccessful.

But the department published an updated statement later on Monday that said the officers had been investigating a house party when they heard gunshots. When they went outside to investigate, they “confronted” a vehicle backing down the street that continued to reverse despite multiple commands to stop, the statement said.

The vehicle then pulled forward as the officer continued to approach the vehicle giving verbal commands. The vehicle continued the main roadway driving away from the officer as an officer shot into the vehicle striking the passenger,” the statement said.

Mr. Merritt called the change in the department’s account “a hopeful sign” about the transparency of the investigation, but he said the authorities needed to do more.

“They have a dead child, they have the identity of the shooter, and they have no explanation for the shooting,” Mr. Merritt said. “They have more than sufficient probable cause to make an arrest.”

And get this!…

The officer involved in the shooting has not been charged and will be interviewed after he “gets a chance to decompress.” – via nytimes

“A chance to decompress”?! You really mean a chance to get his story straight. We’re not giving them any props for the department’s change of tune because it wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t any video footage. Once again, another unarmed black child is gunned down for no reason and the police are playing games with the investigation behind it ALREADY. We’ll keep you updated on this case as it develops but what do YOU think about this situation?

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