Trevor Noah Finally Checking Conservative Host Tomi Lahren On the Daily Show Goes Viral [Full VIDEO]

This video is so satisfying to watch. If you’ve ever heard or seen right-wing conservative nutjob Tom Lahren spout her racist rhetoric and wanted to smack her through the TV screen then this video is for you. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah finally owned her on his show and people are loving it! Check it out below and watch what happens when stupidity meets common sense and intellect….

Lol….The cool and calm way Trevor allowed her to make herself look stupid by letting her stumble over her own ignorant thoughts and ideas was amazing and should be commended and copied. This mental midget just reinforced stereotypes about blondes being dumb.¬† She couldn’t even answer his question about how exactly black men should protest in this country without deflecting and ducking like Neo in The Matrix. Why is always the people who swear they aren’t racist usually the most racist? It felt good to see this airhead get shut down by a cool and calm black man on national TV so S/O to Trevor Noah for this one! One down..millions more to go though! SMH

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