True or False? Aaliyah Fans Blast T-Pain for Saying Her Legacy Is Hyped Up Only Because She Died [VIDEO]

T-Pain got himself into some hot water with many Aaliyah fans lately! T-Pain debuted a new track entitled “Girlfriend,” featuring vocals from Aaliyah at a listening session for his new DJ Drama hosted mixtape The Iron Way. Pain felt it was necessary to address some fans who feel that him and his autotune aren’t “worthy” of being on a record with the deceased singer. T-Pain responded by saying that Aaliyah’s legacy was over-hyped by her fans only because she died and that’s around the time sh** hit the fan on his Twitter account. Check it out below…

“People tend to–I don’t know man– I’m not trying to discredit Aaliyah in any kind of way. But you know how sometimes when people die–yeah. You know how somebody’s an a**hole their whole life, but when you go to their funeral it’s like ‘This guy was the greatest man that ever walked…’ No, I’m just sayin’! No, I’m not saying Aaliyah. But it’s like because she passed, nobody is deserving of being next to her. Nobody’s good enough. Nobody is good enough because she passed. If she was still alive, then everybody would’ve been like, ‘Oh! She’s tryna be Beyoncé!’ If she were still alive right now. But now that she’s passed, it’s like ‘Nobody could be her! Nobody could be her!’ That’s just how I feel.”

Aaliyah fans were not happy with his statement and were quick to let him know…

@VaehSus: @TPAIN Aaliyah casket cost more than all of your album sales COMBINED.

‏@_AsiaaaNicole : @TPAIN ain’t been relevant since 2007 … Why is he trying to come for Aaliyah?

‏@kaislemonster :@TPAIN Why do you think it’s okay to disrespect Aaliyah yet use her vocals on your s— song? GTFO, you’re wack.

@_HeyItsHildaaaa: How can T-Pain take Aaliyah’s vocals for his song….then diss her in the same breath please?


T-Pain responded to the backlash with this tweet:

I get what he was trying to say but his delivery was off. I think his criticism was more on how fake and fickle fans are and how they’d probably be comparing her to Beyonce if she was still alive, I don’t think it was an actual criticism of Aaliyah herself. What do you think about what T-Pain had to say though? Did he have a valid point or was he out of line?

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