*Update: Man Who Fatally Shot Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight In Road Rage Case Charged with Manslaughter

The first steps towards justice were taken today after it was announced that the Louisiana driver who shot and killed former New York Jets player Joe McKnight has been booked for manslaughter after initially walking free. Check out the details below..

Ronald Gasser was arrested on one count on manslaughter,Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand announced Tuesday morning, during an emotional, rant-filled press conference where he scolded protesters who demanded an earlier arrest.

Gasser, 54, was questioned but not charged after the Thursday shooting, sparking outrage in Louisiana and across the country. On Tuesday, Normand defended his office’s move to charge Gasser later rather than sooner.


Normand defend the Tuesday arrest, saying that more witnesses came forward over the weekend — people who likely would not have gone to police if they knew a suspect was already in custody — and their accounts helped prosecutors build a strong case against Gasser.

“Our arrest is only as good as the prosecution,” he said. “We accomplish nothing if we make an arrest and we can’t put ourselves in the best posture … to reach a successful prosecution.”

McKnight was shot and killed Thursday afternoon outside of his car in Terrytown, a suburb of New Orleans, after he and Gasser got into a fight while they were driving, police said.


The argument — allegedly sparked after one of the drivers cut the other off — lasted for several blocks until McKnight pulled over and got out of his car.

Gasser fired at McKnight at least three times from inside his own car, police said. McKnight was shot in the chest, shoulder and hand.

Gasser stayed seated in his car as medics on the scene tried to revive the 28-year-old former football player. When police arrived, Gasser confessed to killing the other driver, police said. Gasser’s cooperation with the investigation factored into the initial decision to release him without charges, authorities have said.

Outrage grew over the initial refusal to charge Gasser when records showed he had another road-rage incident a decade ago — at the very same intersection where McKnight died. – via nydailynews

Hmm…so the cops are saying that not charging him was a tactic to get more witnesses to come forward. Not sure we buy that but since they did eventually charge him, we’ll give them a pass. McKnight was unarmed and numerous witnesses said they actually saw Gasser standing over McKnight cursing him while he shot him so how hard is this to successfully prosecute? We won’t celebrate until we see this man convicted and put under the jail for the rest of his life though. We’ll keep you posted on this case as it develops.

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