Usher Reportedly Does Not Have Herpes & Plans To Sue His Accusers

Usher has been getting his named dragged through the mud for the past week after he was accused by a few women, and even a man, of knowingly giving them herpes. Well now, some new information has been brought to light that just may clear Usher’s name! Check it out below…

Sandra Rose reports a close member of the singer’s camp dispelled claims the singer paid his former babysitter and celebrity stylist Maya Fox-Davis $1.1 million in the case brought to light by Radar Online. The source added the court documents shown are the site aren’t facts, but mere accusations that weren’t proven to be true in court. The site also adds the image of the $2,754-check made out to Fox-Davis was from accounting firm David Weise & Associates for her babysitting services in 2012.

The source continued to question the authenticity of the documents which haven’t been shared, just referenced by any other news or gossip site–including TMZ. The singer has kept quiet on all the claims because he has his own plan to launch a defamation case against the accusers and their legal representation.

It isn’t known if the defamation suit would apply to the later accusers. On Monday (Aug. 8), former Usher fan Quantasia Sharpton held a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom, claiming she was exposed to herpes after having sex with the singer after meeting at his concert.

Sharpton, admitted she tested negative for the STD while Bloom agreed she didn’t know for sure if the singer had the disease. On Tuesday (Aug. 8) social posts from Sharpton showed her discussing her financial situation, explaining that she “needed money.” “Enjoying [her] last couple of hours as a regular girl,” she posted under the alias Angel Valentino on Facebook, just hours before her press conference with Bloom. – via Vibe

SMH….Never trust anyone whose last name is Sharpton. Seriously though, if Usher really doesn’t have herpes, he should sue the pants off of every one of his accusers. Lying about something like that is akin to falsely claiming a person molested you or raped you. The stigma attached to the person who is accused is hard to go away, even after a person is proved innocent so Usher has every right to be highly upset. We are going to miss those “Let It Burn” memes and jokes though. We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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