Victor Cruz, Giants, Getting Ready for Rams in London

The New York Giants will face the Los Angeles Rams this weekend in London, and over the summer, wide receiver Victor Cruz was in London to help promote the game. Even though the game will be played early in the morning, there will be a lot of online betting going on before the game starts….

 While he was in London, Cruz said he was surprised he was recognized by a lot of people. The Giants receiver said people would walk up to him at restaurants and tell him they were fans. He also added that the fans told him they are learning more about the game, which is becoming very popular in London.

 Cruz also opened up about his family, telling a London publication that he never forgets his roots no matter where he goes. He said that his deceased father was an inspiration to him and taught him how to dress and act appropriately.

 Cruz also talked about the salsa dance he does after scoring touchdowns, his favorite meal, and favorite emoji.

 The Giants are glad to have a healthy Cruz back in the lineup after injuries derailed his last two seasons. In his absence, the Giants missed out on the playoffs for two consecutive seasons despite having talented receiver Odell Beckham Jr on the roster.


 With Cruz back, a lot of pressure has been taking away from Beckham, who has been facing double and triple teams since he emerged as one of the top receivers in the league.

 While the Giants are happy to have Cruz back, the team is for a tough fight if they want to win the NFC East. The Giants are currently 3-3 and two games behind the Dallas Cowboys, who are sitting on top of the division. To make matters worse, the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles have been playing well this season, which means the Giants can’t afford to lose too many games, especially the one against the Rams this weekend.

Things got worse for the Giants this week as their kicker Josh Brown became involved in a domestic violence issue.

Before the start of the season, the NFL suspended Brown for one game because of a domestic violence incident with his wife. At the time, NFL insiders were wondering why Brown only received a one game suspension, especially after the league announced an automatic six game suspension for anyone involved in domestic violence.

The Giants owners and coaches stood behind Brown, calling him a good family man that made one mistake. The released information showed that Brown had abused his wife on several occasions and his wife said the team knew about it, creating an ethical public relations nightmare for the team.

Despite comments from the head coach, who said he would not tolerate his players kneeling during the anthem, supporting Brown, the team signed Robbie Gould on Thursday night to be their kicker in London.

On Friday, the league announced that Brown had been put on the commissioner’s exempt list, which means he won’t play again this season.

The Giants have to figure out how to shut out the distractions created by the Brown case and win against the Rams or else they will soon be out of contention in the NFC East. – via

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