W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Bronx Rapper Haddy Racks Raps About Fighting for Custody of His Son In “My Little Man”

Bronx’s own Haddy Racks tackles an issue that doesn’t get as much shine as it should and that’s women who use their child/children as pawns to get back at their child’s father. Haddy raps about his personal experience in his fight to be a permanent fixture in his son’s life for his new music video “My Lil’ Man”. He son even co-stars in the video. Check it out below and let us know what you think..

The Bronx rapper said although they’re now on good terms, his son’s mother would sometimes punish him by not letting him see the boy, Amari, now 10. But that all changed when Haddy got the courts involved, and a judge awarded him partial custody.

“There’s a lot of people out here that are going through that,” Haddy told BOSSIP. “Now, me and my son have a cozy relationship. Thank God it’s not like it was before.”

The “Resume” rapper said his boy is his biggest fan and even co-starred with him in the video, which was shot in Harlem and the Bronx Courthouse.

“He’s always in tune with what I’m doing,” the rapper said. “It was only right that I put him in (the video). For me to make it that real.”

Haddy said the majority of men want to be in their children’s lives, but sometimes are ignorant of how the court system works. He said he recently encouraged some of his friends to seek the family court’s help after their children’s mothers stopped letting them see their kids.

He hopes others would be able to relate to his struggle to remain a constant in his son’s life, as well as the fact that everyone has a right under the law to be in their children’s lives.

“What I want people to know that there are a lot of fathers out there that are unable to see their children,” Haddy said. “There’s not a higher percentage of deadbeat dads than there are stand up dads…No one can stop you from seeing your children.” – via bossip

The myth that most black fathers are absent from their children’s lives was purposely created to further demonize the image of a black men in America. Let’s look at some of the FACTS that prove the stereotype wrong from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) :

* Children under the age 5: Black Fathers prepared and/or ate meals more with their children vs their white and Hispanic counterparts
* Children 5-18: Black Fathers took children to and from activities daily more compared to their white and Hispanic counterparts
* Children 5-18: Black Fathers also helped their kids with homework more than their white and Hispanic counterparts

Both black men AND black women have to ton of work to do but it all starts with our family units. Let’s stop allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by negative media stereotypes of eachother. Let’s start working together instead of against eachother like THEY want us to do so that can rebuild our culture and communities.

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