W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Kutty Chris BanGa – WcEveryday Prod. By BMC

“When fame upon society is what one hopes to gain, better make sure they aint sleeping or youll take it to the grave” ( “Hoopla” Verse 1). KUTTY CHRIS BANGA born and raised in Queens NY, always showed star quality and potential out-shone his fellow students in his english classes, growing up not knowing what he wanted to be, but knowing he was destined for greatness….

Through his lyrics Kutty Chris BanGa expresses his life and drive to success and influencing his fans that, “you can do what ever you put your mind to”. Kutty is often compared by listeners to great and very successful artist such as Atlantic’s Lupe Fiasco, Def Jam’s J Cole, Cassidy, and Young Money artist Drizzy Drake due to the versatility he is able to display in his music.

As an artist on the rise with the help of Engineer Carlos MONSTARRBEATZ Alvarez and “Super Producer” Nate BMCBEATS Simon , Kutty is able to move audiences and in ways you we can’t fathom . You can find music by Kutty Chris BanGa on iTunes, Spotify.


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