White Cop Sues Police Chief for Racism After Finding Out He’s 18% Black On Ancestry Website?

Lol….you cannot make this stuff up folks! A Hastings police sergeant is suing his city, the police chief and a few others after claiming that he has been subjected to racial taunts within the department after he took a genetic test through Ancestry.com that showed he was 18 percent black. Yes…he’s really doing this. Check out the rest of this crazy story below…

Sgt. Cleon Brown said the police chief called him, “Kunte,” a character in Alex Haley’s novel, “Roots: The Saga of an American Family,” while officers whispered, “Black Lives Matter” and pumped fists as they walked past.

The mayor, who retired in January, told racial jokes, he said.

At Christmas, the department hung stockings with names of the officers on a Christmas tree. A black Santa Claus figurine – with “18%” written on its white beard – was put in Brown’s stocking.

Brown filed a federal lawsuit alleging state and federal civil-rights violations and violation of the state’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Act. He claims intentional infliction of emotional distress.

He has sued the city of Hastings, police Chief Jeff Pratt, City Manager Jeff Mansfield, Deputy Chief Dale Boulter and Sgt. Kris Miller.

The city says Brown is to blame.

Mansfield released a statement by the city in response to Brown’s claim of discrimination.

The city contends that the police chief ordered racial comments to cease, and said Brown started “the joking and banter.”

“Sgt. Brown, in a very joking and jovial manner, informed several of his fellow officers that he had recently taken a DNA test through Ancestry.com and the results showed that he was 18% African American.”

The city said Ancestry.com’s website didn’t include “African American” as a possible test result.

“Ancestry.com’s website also states that the test results do not definitively reveal where a person’s ancestors actually originated; only that there are shared characteristics in genes, which might or might not indicate a person’s ancestors are actually from that geographic area,” the city said.

The city said the topic would be forgotten before Brown would bring it up again. It would result in “mutual bantering” with officers about their heritage, the city said. Brown engaged in “typical racial stereotypes,” the city said.

“After a month or so of Brown originally bringing it up, even that ended,” the city said.

During the Christmas season, the black Santa was put in Brown’s stocking. It was removed and an officer shared concerns with the chief. Brown told the chief he was not upset, and the chief, Pratt, told him to be proud of his African heritage, the city said.

Pratt then told officers there would be no further joking about Brown’s heritage. Pratt was concerned that Brown was initiating racial comments. – via mlive.com

SMDH…So this cop who reportedly initiated and participated in racist jokes now wants to sue the city for racism now that he’s supposedly “18 percent black”? This sounds like some kind of Dave Chappelle skit?! And can you believe how fast he pulled the race card? He wasn’t even black 2 seconds! We don’t have any sympathy for this culture vulture and we don’t care how much “African American” blood Ancestry.com told him he has in him, he ain’t invited to our bbq! What do YOU think of this craziness?

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