White Supremacist Couple Who Ran Over Black Teen with Their Jeep Not Charged with Hate Crime

In yet another tragic sign of our times, a white supremacist couple were arrested after they ran over a black teen in Portland, Oregon. Despite the facts, they somehow are not being charged with a hate crime? Check out the details below…

Near midnight on Aug. 10, outside of a local 7-Eleven, Larnell Bruce was charging his cell phone and having small talk with friends and passersby when Courtier and his girlfriend drove up to the store. Almost instantly, security camera footage shows a full melee breaking out between Bruce and Courtier. According to the Portland Mercury, Courtier’s girlfriend, Colleen Hunt, could be overheard yelling “Get him, baby, get him.” Soon after, Courtier smashed Bruce’s head into the front window of the convenience store.


When Bruce pulled out a knife to protect himself, Courtier and Hunt got back into their Jeep. What happened next, much like seeing the Baton Rouge officer shoot Alton Sterling in the chest and back, shook me to my core.

As Larnell Bruce began running home, Russell Courtier and Colleen Hunt decided they were not finished with the fight and that they would use their Jeep and mow Bruce down with it.



First, as Bruce was on the sidewalk, they narrowly missed him. Security camera footage shows the teen doing his best to zigzag away from the SUV. As Bruce crossed the street, the couple, determined to run him over, crossed the Jeep into oncoming traffic and struck the teen head on.

Larnell Bruce, who suffered critical brain injuries, was found by police on the street with blood coming out of his head and ears. He survived just a few more days before succumbing to his injuries, but never spoke another word again. – via nydailynews

SMH…this story sounds like it’s straight out of the 1950s.  And how the hell are 2 admitted white supremacists who purposely tried to kill a black teen not charged with a hate crime? These racists are feeling very emboldened lately and Trump is definitely playing his role. This is Trump’s America!

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