White Supremacists Cry After They’re Sentenced to 35 Years for Crashing Black Child’s Birthday Party with Confederate Flags & Threatening Guests

In stark contrast to their crime, a Georgia couple broke down crying in court Monday after they were both sentenced to long prison terms for terrorizing a black child’s birthday party with Confederate flags, racial slurs and threats. Their crime was committed in the days following the tragic S. Carolina church shooting while many were still reeling from the tragedy.  Check out the details below….

Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton were convicted earlier this month under a street gang terrorism law for the 2015 harassment in Douglasville, outside Atlanta, and cried in court on Monday.

Video footage from the party, little more than a month after Dylann Roof’s Charleston church massacre, shows a parade of trucks roaring by with Confederate battle flags.

One person is heard shouting the n-word, while witnesses said that another had a gun and said “he was gonna kill the n—–s.”

Superior Court Judge William McClain said at sentencing that Torres, 26, and Norton, 25, had committed a hate crime, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia does not have a hate crime statute.

Torres was sentenced to 20 years, with 13 of them in prison, for aggravated assault, terroristic threats and street gang terrorism.

Norton, who according to the Journal-Constitution is the mother of Torres’s children, was sentenced to 15, serving six, for terroristic threats and street gang terrorism. – via nydailynews

They were reportedly a part of a larger group that had gone on a drunken rampage through Douglas and Paulding counties on July 24 and July 25, 2015, in pickup trucks laden with Confederate battle flags. The group threatened black motorists, yelled at them and walked up to one of their cars with a gun. They also threatened African-American shoppers at a Paulding County Wal-Mart and at a convenience store. – via ajc

Wait a minute, the guy’s name is Jose Ismael Torres? Sounds like his dumbass doesn’t even realize he’s not even white? And now they want to cry? We have no sympathy at all. Funny how they were big and tough when they were a part of a large, ignorant racist group. They should’ve thought about the consequences of their actions in the two days they were terrorizing innocent black people for no damn reason. To do that right after the S. Carolina church shooting was even more evil, we can only imagine how scared people must have been. Thank God, no one was hurt. Sounds like justice was served on this one. 2 down, many more to go!

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