WTH? Up & Coming R&B Singer Micah Is a Guy With a Humongous Donk?

SMDH…just when you thought you’ve seen it all! Michah is a 20-year-old up & coming R&B singer who is reportedly pretty good with the vocals but it’s not his singing that is causing all the controversy. A picture of Micah has been going viral on the internet and it’s interesting to say the least! You see, even though Micah is a man, he has hips and an ass that would make Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and K. Michele bow down! Check it out below…

These pictures show Micah’s body progression over the years….


This is Micah now at 20-years-old…



WHY????!!! This just makes NO DAMN SENSE?! I wish there was a way for me to unsee what I just saw. What do you think of Micah and his uh…unique proportions?

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