Award-Winning Director Lee Daniels Claims Racism Isn’t “Real” So He Doesn’t “Embrace” It [VIDEO]


Award winning director Lee Daniels created a firestorm on social media today after he made a statement on The View that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Lee said, “I wouldn’t be where I was if I embraced racism. If I embraced it, then it became real. And if it became real, I would be an angry Black man.” Many felt that that Lee was forgetting the fact that racism is a very real issue

The Irony – Chris Brown Goes On Rant About Celebrities Pretending To Be Gang Members


The irony in this story is strong! Chris Brown, of all people, had the nerve to co-sign a comment about people coming into the industry and suddenly becoming fake gang members. He even went on a rant agreeing with the comment himself screaming about how “THIS CALIFORNIA SH** REAL” and how these “industry ni**as live by no code” among other things. Ironically, being the fact that Chris Brown grew up in Virginia and only started throwing up Blood gang signs after he got into the music industry and moved to LA, many people accuse Chris of being the exact same fake gang member that he’s complaining about! Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Fans Still Upset At Charlamagne for Going Out with Controversial Conservative Tomi Lahren [VIDEO]


Fans of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club are still letting Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God have it for going out with controversial conservative host Tomi Lahren for what he called a “discussion”. While Charlamagne tried to explain on the show yesterday that his goal was to open up dialogue between himself and the host known for her racist rhetoric, many felt that Charlamagne, who frequently admits that he would love to “sell out” if given the right financial opportunity, was really just satisfying his inner coon by meeting up with the blonde Bill O’Reilly and essentially gave her a bigger platform. Check out both sides of the argument below and let us know what you think….

*Update: Man Who Fatally Shot Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight In Road Rage Case Charged with Manslaughter


The first steps towards justice were taken today after it was announced that the Louisiana driver who shot and killed former New York Jets player Joe McKnight has been booked for manslaughter after initially walking free. Check out the details below..

Donald Trump Picks Former Rival Dr. Ben Carson To Head Dept. of Housing and Urban Development


Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the same presidential candidate who perplexed people when he commented that he turned down a cabinet position in the health department because of his admitted “lack of experience”, has accepted the president-elect’s nomination to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Check out the details below….

Celebration As Army Halts Dakota Access Pipeline But Donald Trump Owning Stocks In Pipeline Company Worries Protestors


The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe won a major victory on Sunday in its battle to block an oil pipeline being built near its reservation when the Department of the Army announced that it would not allow the pipeline to be drilled under a dammed section of the Missouri River. Not all protestors are celebrating just yet though as President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed that he owns stocks in the same company building the pipeline! Check out the details below…

*Update: Judge Declares Mistrial In Case of Against Cop Who Shot Walter Scott In the Back [VIDEO]


In what is being called yet another miscarriage of justice, a South Carolina judge declared a mistrial today in the racially-charged murder case against a white police officer accused in last year’s controversial shooting death of an unarmed black motorist. After video footage proved that the majority of the cop’s testimony was false, this should have been an open and shut case but not in Amerikkka! Check out the details below….

J. Cole Addresses Kanye West & Wale In New Song “False Prophets” & Fans Are Loving It


J. Cole’s new track entitled ‘False Prophets’ where he addresses Kanye West’s career from a disgruntled fan’s standpoint is tearing up the internet and has everyone talking right now. Some call it a diss track while others say that J. Cole was basically just saying what a lot of people have been saying about Kanye. Wordondastreet is that the second verse may have been about Wale but the jury is still out on that one. Was this a certified diss or just J. Cole just expressing his mind? Check it out below and let us know what you think….

Outrage After Man Who Fatally Shot Ex-NFL Player Over Road Rage Is Released Without Charges: “I Told You Don’t F*** With Me”


Outrage is brewing after the man who fatally shot unarmed ex-Jets running back Joe McKnight over a road rage incident was released from custody early Friday without being charged. Check out the disturbing details below…

Diddy Claims Suge Knight Copped a Plea When He Stepped to Him After the Source Awards: “I Was Talking About Jermaine Dupri!” [VIDEO]


Now that Suge Knight is locked up, everyone seems to feel a lot more comfortable talking wreckless about him lately? Diddy told a never-been-told story about how he stepped to Suge Knight after Suge dissed him at the infamous 1995 Source Awards for dancing in all of his artist’s videos. Diddy claims that Suge copped a plea when he approached him about it and said that he was really talking about Jermaine Dupri! Check it out below and let us know if you believe Diddy version of events…

Trevor Noah Finally Checking Conservative Host Tomi Lahren On the Daily Show Goes Viral [Full VIDEO]


This video is so satisfying to watch. If you’ve ever heard or seen right-wing conservative nutjob Tom Lahren spout her racist rhetoric and wanted to smack her through the TV screen then this video is for you. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah finally owned her on his show and people are loving it! Check it out below and watch what happens when stupidity meets common sense and intellect….

Baltimore Teacher Accused of Breaking 7-Year-Old’s Jaw Facing 85 Years In Prison


A Baltimore elementary school tutor has been arrested after allegedly slamming a 7-year-old pupil against a wall for being disruptive in class. Timothy Randall Korr, 25, has been charged with child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment and neglect of a minor – following claims he broke Trayvon Grayson’s jaw, knocked two of his teeth out and left him with cuts and bruises. Check out the disturbing details below….

19-Year-Old Halima Aden Becomes the 1st Fully Covered Muslim Contestant in Miss Minnesota USA [VIDEO]


A 19-year-old Muslim woman by the name of Halima Aden became the first fully clothed Muslim contestant to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. Check out her inspirational story below…

*Update: No Charges Filed Against Officer In Shooting Death of Keith Lamont Scott


District Attorney Andrew Murray announced that the Charlotte police officer who fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott on video following a controversial standoff Sept. 20 won’t be charged in the case. Check out the details below…

Snoop Dogg Says Colin Kaepernick Needs To Choose Between Football or Revolution [VIDEO]


Snoop Dogg brought up an interesting point of debate during his interview with ESPN’s ‘Undisputed’ show. He contended that San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick needed to choose between sports and being a revolutionary. According to Snoop, Kaepernick is not prepared to juggle both his football career and his revolutionary stance against social injustices currently occurring in America. Check it out below and let us know if you agree with Snoop or not….

DriveChangeNYC Program Provides Food Truck Training & Employment Opportunities for Recently Released Inmates [VIDEO]


DriveChangeNYC has created an amazing program that operates food trucks and provides job training and employment to young people coming home from adult jail/prison to prevent re-incarceration. Check out this inspirational story below….

Chicago Trump Supporter Who Verbally Attacked Black Employees In Viral Video Is Identified: ‘I Voted for Trump — So There!’


A video of another crazy Trump-supporter lashing out is going viral and the woman has now been identified as a former human resources business partner at Sinai Health System by the name of Jennifer Boyle . Boyle went on a very loud, 20-minute rant screaming that she “voted for Trump” and called African-American employees “animals” after she was asked to purchase a $1 reusable bag at a Chicago-area arts and crafts store. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Boyle has been caught on camera verbally abusing employees of an establishment either! Check out the video and details below….

Black-Owned Ride-Sharing App ‘Moovn’ Becomes Uber’s Competition!

If you thought Uber & Lyft were going to end the racism black people notoriously experience trying to hail yellow cabs then you’d be wrong. According to the two-year study by National Bureau of Economic Research, which analyzed 1500 rides in Seattle and Boston, black riders have to wait longer to be picked up than white riders, and sometimes, they are not picked up at all.  An enterprising, young man by the name of Goodwin Gabriel has the solution for that! Goodwin is looking to move in on the ride-sharing tech business with his app called Moovn, which he hopes will be able to compete with Uber and Lyft on a national and even international scale. Check out the details below….

61 People Shot, 9 Fatally, In Chicago This Past Thanksgiving Weekend


Chicago is a war zone and the holidays are no different. Two men killed about 10 minutes apart brought the Thanksgiving weekend tally to eight fatal shootings. In all, at least 61 people were shot in attacks across the city over four-day holiday weekend! Check out the disturbing details below…

Homeless H.S. Student Destyni Tyree Named Prom Queen, Graduates In 2 Years & Gets Full College Scholarship!


In today’s “Good News of the Day” we have an intelligent and beautiful, young lady by the name of Destyni Tyree! Despite being homeless, Destyni Tyree was voted prom queen, she’s captain of the cheerleading squad, and she has a 4.0 grade point average! Check out her inspiring story below…..