Man Who Shot Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Connected To Young Thug & Wanted “Gang Street Cred”


The plot thickens! Wordondastreet is that Lil Wayne’s tour bus was allegedly shot up by a guy, Jimmy Winfrey, who has very close ties to Wayne’s rival, Young Thug. They say the motive behind the shooting was for Jimmy to gain a higher gang status by committing a high profile shooting. Check out the details below….

Nigerian Student Solves 30-Year-Old Math Equation & Breaks Academic Records At Japanese University


In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have the story of a Nigerian student by the name of Ufot Ekong. Ekong studied Robotics and Electrical Engineering at Tokai University, Tokyo, Japan and emerged the best all round graduating student of the institution this session! Check out his amazing story below…

Did Lil Mama Just Commit Career Suicide or Make An Epic Comeback with Her New “Sausage” Video?


Ever since Lil Mama’s epic stage crashing incident during Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ performance at the VMA’s years ago her music career has been at a stand still. Well, Wordondastreet (and Twitter) is that Lil Mama may have just committed another epic career suicide or a major comeback depending on how you look at it, with her new single/video entitled “Sausage”. The song plays tribute in a back then-meets-right now sort of way by blending the beats and rhymes of old school legends such as Slick Rick, Mary J. Blige and Doug E. Fresh with new school hit makers like Big Sean and Fetty Wap along with a viral Vine song called “Sausage”. The reaction to the song has been polarizing with Lil Mama receiving both praise and criticism but one thing is for sure, it’s getting a lot of attention as it was the main topic of discussion last night on Twitter ! Check it out below and let us know if its Hot or Not?

Jay Z Criticized for Having No Minorities In His Tidal Staff


Jay Z’s public plea for minorities, specifically African Americans, to support his new Tidal music streaming business venture caught a snag after this picture was released. Last week, we told you how Jay blasted critics of Tidal and the lack of support black-owned businesses receive from the black community (click here if you missed it). Well, after Beyonce innocently posted a picture of her and Jay Z with the staff of Tidal, critics were quick to point out that they noticed that not one staffer was black! Check out the story below and let us know if its fair or foul that Jay is getting criticized…

Identical Twin Sisters Graduate from College with Perfect 4.0 Grade Point Averages!


In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have the story of two identical twin sisters whose tremendous academic accomplishment is even identical! You see, both sisters managed to score a whopping, perfect 4.0 grade point average from North Carolina A&T University! Check out the details below….

Shocking Video Shows Barstow Cop Slamming Pregnant Black Woman On Ground Because White Woman Says “She Scared Me” [VIDEO]


SMDH….a black woman by the name of Charlena Cooks, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, was slammed on the concrete and arrested by Barstow police officers at her daughter’s school after a white female faculty member called the cops claiming that Charlena “scared me”.  The entire disturbing incident was caught on video and even though the cops were completely in the wrong and the arrest was deemed illegal in court, Barstow city officials still claim that it was “apparent” that Charlena Michelle Cooks “actively resisted arrest.” Check out the disturbing video below….

Virginia Mom Leaves Her Child At Home To Party In Miami for Memorial Day Weekend


SMDH….people like this shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Kionna Moret, 27,is facing charges for child neglect and child endangerment after a neighbor filed a police report about her son being left by himself so she could go party it up in Miami for Memorial Day weekend. Check out the details below…

Dwyane Wade Gets Roasted By Fans for Wearing Toenail Polish


They sure don’t make these basketball players like they used to! Dwayne Wade has been feeling the heat, pun intended, from fans for posting a picture on social media showing off his pedicured painted toenails? Check out the story below…

Took It Too Far? Stepmom Shaves Her Stepson’s Head Like George Jefferson for Smoking Weed [VIDEO]


By now, we’ve all seen those videos of a parent publicly punishing their child for one thing or another. This particular videotaped punishment has many saying that this new trend of parents publicly embarrassing their children as a form of punishment has gone too far. Check out the video below of this stepmom giving her stepson the George Jefferson cut and let us know what you think….

Chicago Cops Fired After Dressing Suspect In Antlers & Having Him Pose Like a Dead Animal


Another day, another group of cops caught doing some unprofessional, demeaning b.s. The Chicago Police Department tried to hide this photo in which former Officers Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan hold rifles while posing with an unidentified black suspect wearing antlers. A Cook County judge declined to seal the appalling photo, and the Chicago Sun Times has published it for the first time. Check out the details below….

Teen Mom Defies the Odds & Gets Accepted Into 26 Universities & Graduates 1st In Her Class!


In today’s ‘Good News of the Day’ we have the story of a young, teen mother by the name of Trameka Pope! Beginning freshman year of high school with a newborn baby is certainly not the ideal scenario, but Chicago teen Trameka Pope is living proof that it is possible to excel beyond the challenges of teen motherhood. Check out her inspirational story below….

Tyson Beckford Responds To Chris Brown Threatening Him Over His Ex Karrueche [VIDEO]


It looks like model Tyson Beckford isn’t impressed by Chris Brown’s tough talk at all. Tyson finally responded to Chris Brown’s internet threats this weekend in which he threatened to sick Piru Bloods on Tyson all because he took a picture with Chris’ ex-girlfriend Karrueche. Check out Tyson’s response to Chris’ internet threats below and Chris’ apology below….

Director Lee Daniels Catches Taraji P. Henson a.k.a. Cookie Twerking [VIDEO]


It looks like they were having a good old time at this party! Check out some quick footage “Emire” director Lee Daniels caught of Taraji P. Henson getting her twerk on this weekend and some more footage from their house party this past weekend…

Dame Dash Responds to Jay Z’s Spotify, Youtube Freestyle Diss [VIDEO]


Dr. Boyce Watkins sat down with Dame Dash to dicuss his response to Jay Z’s recent Tidal freestyle/diss. Dame gave Jay his props for finally attacking the corporations and powers that be while at the same time throwing some not-so-subliminal shade at his ex-businees partner. Check out the footage below…

Mom Graduates For Son Who Died In Crash: “I’ll Be His Legs, He’ll Be My Wings”


This is a sad, bitter sweet story of a young man’s tragic death and his mother’s touching way of honoring him. Check out this story below…

‘Should a Woman Fix a Man’s Plate?’ Debate Blows Up On Social Media


Twitter got into a huge debate recently about a seemingly simple question: is a woman required to fix her man’s plate at a cookout, family gathering, etc.? And if said woman opts to not fix the plate, is it okay for another woman to do so? The debate got surprsingly heated! Check out just a few of the thousands of responses to this debate below….

Innocent Man Who Spent 40 Years In Prison Sues Cops for Framing Him


It seems as if we’re posting a story every week of an inmate being exonarated for a crime they didn’t commit. Sometimes the wrongfully convicted person is awarded a cash settlement as payment for having wasted their most precious years in prison. Now one innocent ex-convict is suing the police officers involved in his case for framing him. Check out the details below…

Jim Jones On Beef with French Montana: “It Would Be a Big Mistake for French To Step To Me” [VIDEO]


Jim Jones and French Montana have had a long, simmering beef with eachother ever since French released that epic footage on his Cocaine City DVD of Jim Jones and Cam’ron getting chased out of Rucker Park. Max B,  Jim Jones’ former artist and French’s right-hand man, cemented French’s beef with Jim when he himself got into beef with Jim and released numerous diss tracks going at Jim Jones, most notably “She Touched It In Miami” where Max spoke about having sexual relations with Jim’s wife Chrissy. Well, Jim was on ESPN’s show “Highly Questionable”, of all places, and when the subject of beefing with French Montana came up, Jim had some not-so-veiled threats for the Bronx emcee. Check out the video below….

Teacher Busted for Letting Middle School Students Have Sex In Classroom Closet


SMH…An Atlanata middle school teacher has been removed from his classroom after texts revealed that he was allowing students to use his classroom’s closet for sex! Check out tthe details below….

Diddy & Drake Squash Their Beef & Discuss Joint Business Ventures Together


Take that, take that. A few months ago, we told you how Diddy put the paws on Drake at Club Liv in Miami for stealing the “O-100″ beat from him [click here if you missed it]. Well, the two reportedly put aside their differences this Monday so that they can make money together! Check out the details below…