Liberian Girl Single-Handedly Cures Her Mother, Father & Sister from Ebola!


In today’s ‘Good News of the Day’, we have the story of a 22-year-old girl/nursing student from Liberia who was able to single-handedly nurse her father, mother and sister back to good health from the deadly Ebola virus from her own home and without any professional protection equipment! Check out this amazing story below…

Camron Selling Ebola Masks With His Face On It: “Be Safe…Be Fashionable”


It was only a matter of time before a celebrity tried to make some money off of the emerging Ebola scare and it just had to be Harlem’s own Camron to set it off! Cam posted a picture of himself wearing his new line of Ebola masks which he is now selling and they’re emblazoned with his face on it. Check it out below….

Acclaimed Author John Grisham Says “60-Year Old White Men” Who Look At Child Porn Are Not Pedophiles & Should Be Released From Jail?!

John Grisham,

SMH…world renowned author John Grisham caused some controversy with an interview he gave recently where he called for lighter sentences for “60-year-old white men” like him who have been convicted of being pedophiles. According to Grisham, they’re not really pedophiles even though they like to view child pornography and they should be released?! Check out this story below…

*Update: Michael Dunn Sentenced To Life In Prison for Killing Teen Jordan Davis In “Loud Music Trial”


They finally got one right! Michael Dunn from Florida has been convicted of first-degree murder for shooting and killing teenager Jordan Davis over loud music was sentenced to life without parole today. Check out the details below…

Deelishis Slams Scandal’s Olivia Pope For Calling Reality Stars “The Lowest Form of Life”?!


SMDH…how do you have beef with a fictional TV character?! Former ‘Flavor of Love’ reality star Deelishis got upset while watching the hit show ‘Scandal’ and took it as a personal attack when Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope went on a rant about reality stars being “the lowest form of life”. Deelishis decided to take to her Instagram account to blast Olivia Pope, check it out below…

Mother Rips The Hair Out Of Her Daughter’s Scalp For Not Being Able To Count Past 10?!


SMH…a mother is facing serious abuse charges after police say she ripped the hair out of her daughter’s scalp for not being able to count past 10?! Read the rest of the details below…

Stacey Dash Says Blacks Are Uneducated & Blames Obama


Right-wing commentator/actress Stacey Dash set off another firestorm of criticism with some remarks she made about black people and Obama on Fox News the other day. Check it out below and let us know if you agree with Stacey or not….

Lil Duval Snaps On Bow Wow for Wifing Up Erica Mena


Comedian Lil Duval threw a shot at Bow Wow on Instagram for wifing up ratchet ass Erica Mena from Love & Hip Hop NY. Check it out below…

African Pennsylvania High School Athlete Taunted By Chants of ‘Ebola!’ During Soccer Game


SMH…now this is like someone from another country chanting ‘9-11′ after your family and friends were killed in the attack. A 16-year-old Pennsylvania high school soccer player from West Africa was tormented with chants of “Ebola” by opposing players, taunting that eventually led to him fighting an opposing player and him being ejected from the game. Check out the details below…

San Diego Pays Teen Mom $225K for Making Her Lose Custody of Newborn Child Forever?!


Now this is a crazy story?! San Diego cops erroneously made a teen mom lose custody of her newborn child just days after she was born. Now, six years later, the courts have decided to pay out a settlement of $225,000 rather than give the child, who now lives with adoptive parents, back to the mother?! Check out the details below…

T.I. Makes Snoop Apologize To Iggy Azalea Over Twitter Beef [VIDEO]


T.I. finally got Snoop to apologize to Iggy Azalea for their back and forth drama…kind of? We told you yesterday how Snoop and Iggy have been roasting eachother heavily on Twitter for the past two days [click here if you missed it].  The beef intensified and most people wondered how T.I. felt about the public slug fest between his artist and the O.G. and it seems that T.I. had to finally put a call in to Uncle Snoop to get him to apologize..but his apology didn’t seem to sincere to us?! Check it out below…

Snoop vs. Iggy? Snoop Dogg Disses Iggy Azalea On Twitter: “I Made A Joke, B—- Fix Your Face”


Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azaela have been going back and forth beefing with eachother on Twitter ever since Snoop posted an unflattering meme of Iggy with the caption “Iggy Azaela With No Makeup”. Iggy got upset over the post and asked Snoop on Twitter why he would post such a “mean pic”. Snoop then responded in a way that… Iggy isn’t going to like too much! Check it out below…

Smart Phones, Dumb Crooks: Cops Hunting for Thieves Who Took Selfies Posing With Guns On Stolen Cell Phone


SMH…today’s “Dummy of the Day” involves a trio of young thieves who took photos of themselves posing with guns with a stolen cell phone which happened to automatically upload to the victim’s cloud-based storage account making it much easier for cops to track them down. Check it out below…

Man Finishes 30-Year Prison Bid Then Kills His Mother After Welcome Home Party


SMDH…Steven Pratt was recently released from Bayside State Prison after serving 30 years, just to be rearrested for killing his own mother after she threw a welcome home party for him?! Check out the details below…

Black Security Guard Wins Award for Staying Calm During Racist Assault On Train [VIDEO]


 America isn’t the only country dealing with acts of racism caught on camera! A video of a black train guard being verbally attacked by some racist Australian teens has gone viral and caused quite a stir. Many who have seen the video have remarked that they have no idea how the guard was able to remain calm and keep his cool during the vicious, verbal attack. Well, he’s now being recognized for his professionalism and the teens involved are now facing charges. Check out the video and the details below…

Atlanta Couple Arrested After Giving Their 2-Year-Old Child 40 Proof Brandy


SMH…a couple from Atlanta couple, William Chester Hickson and Jasmin Briana Moore, were arrested and charged with cruelty to children after the couple gave their son a cocktail of Coke and 40 proof brandy?! Read the rest of the details below..

Penelope Cruz Crowned “Sexiest Woman Alive” By Esquire Magazine [PHOTOS]


Penelope Cruz is still killing ‘em at the tender age of 40! Esquire Magazine just named the Spanish beauty the “Sexiest Woman Alive”! Check out the details and some photos below and let us know if you agree with their decision…

Seattle Replaces Columbus Day with “Indigenous People’s Day”


The Seattle City Council made a bold move replacing the nationally recognized lie “Christopher Columbus Day” with a title that more accurately represents reality by naming today “Indigenous People’s Day”. While many are happy to hear that one city is finally taking steps to counter the perpetual myth that Columbus discovered America, some people are not too happy about it. Check out the details below…

Update: Court Overturns Sentence For Woman Who Fired Warning Shots At Abusive Husband


Some good news for Marissa Alexander, the Florida mother who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a bullet at the ceiling because she was afraid of her abusive husband. Check out the new details below…

Young Man Making Big Moves: Isaac Zeeky Thompson Taking The Industry By Storm


Isaac Zeeky Thompson, born on June 25th,1994 in Pomona CA, graduated from La Verne Lutheran High School in 2012. Isaac excelled in sports growing up and earned several scholarships to different colleges for basketball as well as football. As much as Isaac loved sports, acting, music and the arts have always been a major part of Isaac’s life and a passion of his. At the age of 16, Isaac decided to put the basketball and the football down and follow his true passion for the arts….