Beyonce is About to “Break The Internet” with Her New Video for “7/11″


Beyonce is really letting her hair down with her new video for “7/11″! Although we  love Beyonce’s care-free style, as of late some of her critics may say this video is a little uhh…thot-ish? Watch the video below and let us know what you think..

Queens Cop Goes Above & Beyond The Call of Duty To Help Mom Who Lost Her 2 Children In Fire


With all the news of crooked cops and overly aggressive police killing unarmed citizens lately, we thought it was about time that we highlighted some of the good ones!  In today’s “Good News of the Day”, we have an NYPD officer by the name of Detective Patrick Blanc from St. Albans, Queens. Officer Blanc went well above and beyond the call of duty to help a grieving mother who lost her two children in a house fire. Check out his inspirational story below…

Bow Wow Sends the Goons After Tony Rock (Chris Rock’s Brother) for Calling Erica Mena a “Whore”


Bow Wow is trying to step his ‘gangsta’ up apparently? Bow Wow claims that he had to call his goons to handle Chris Rock’s brother and comedian Tony Rock for calling his fiance, Erica Mena, a whore on Twitter the other day. Check out the details below…

Raven-Symone Responds To Rumors That Bill Cosby Molested Her


An ugly rumor about Raven-Symone being raped by Bill Cosby has been making its rounds ever since a site called Hip Hop Hangover published a story claiming the actress was drugged and raped by Cosby and had filed charges against him. Read the rest of the details below…

Mom Sentenced To 78 Years In Prison for Waterboarding & Beating Her Kids With Baseball Bats


SMDH…a mother from St. Louis has been sentenced to 78 years in prison after she admitted to beating, whipping and waterboarding her children for many years in what prosecutors described as “systematic torture”. Check out the grisly details below…

Floyd Mayweather’s Son Calls Him a “Coward” for Beating His Mother


Floyd Mayweather’s son is not impressed at all with his dad. In fact, he feels quite the opposite. Koraun Mayweather went on record calling his father a “coward” recently for refusing to admit that he beat Koraun’s mother Josie Harris even though Koraun claims to have been a witness to the domestic violence his mother endured. Check out the details below…

Artist Spotlight: O.M.A HAR Better Known As Jahar “The Gentleman” [VIDEO]


Jahar “The Gentleman” was born on March 11th , 1991 in Brooklyn, New York. Jahar had a passion for music since a young age. In his early childhood his older brothers surrounded him, rapping on
family videos. Barely able to talk, at the age of 3 year old, Jahar danced along in the videos and tried to put his own words together himself. By the age of 11, he started writing his thoughts down on paper with his father’s help, and even recorded his self on a Karaoke machine…..

New Cast Members of Love & Hip Hop NY Are Revealed! [VIDEO]


The line-up for the the new season of ratchetness Love & Hip Hop NY has been announced! Check out the  new castmembers below and let us know if you’ll be watching!….

Another One? America’s Top Model Judge Janice Dickinson Claims Bill Cosby Raped Her Too [VIDEO]


Another rape allegation? Say it ain’t so Bill! Former supermodel Janice Dickinson dropped a bombshell in a recent interview with ET in which she claimed that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her back in 1982?! Read the details below…

San Jose University Officials Under Fire for Saying “Latinas Don’t Have DNA To Be Successful”


SMH…two San Jose State University officials have chosen to resign after being accused of making a derogatory comment about Latina women during a staff meeting earlier this year. Apparently, one official made a statement saying, “Latinas don’t have DNA to be successful” while the other stood by and did nothing after the offensive comment was made. Check out the rest of the details below…

Homeless Mom Who Left Kids In Car for Job Interview Spent Donation Money On Baby Daddy’s Rap Album?!


SMDH….that homeless mother from Arizona who left her two kids in a hot car to go to a job interview has allegedly spent thousands of dollars in her donation money “to finish her baby daddy’s rap album,” a former supporter claims. Check out the details below…

NBA Star Dwight Howard Under Criminal Investigation for Child Abuse

(Photos from left:  Brad Barket/PictureGroup, Orlando Sentinel/MCT /Landov)

Another professional athlete is in hot water with the law over allegations of child abuse! This time its NBA star Dwight Howard who is in trouble and it looks like his baby mama Royce Reed from ‘Basketball Wives’ is the cause of it. Check out the details below…

Wendy Williams Responds To Backlash from Fans for Aaliyah Biopic [VIDEO]


Wendy Williams is not backing down from her critics who are highly upset by the casting choices and story line for the ‘Aaliyah’ biopic which premiered this Saturday. The talk show host was an executive producer on Lifetime’s original biopic and people were pretty anxious to hear what she had to say in defense of the movie which most people agree was very subpar to say the least…but they’re probably not going to like her response. Check it out below….

Cops Slam Woman Head First On Concrete Killing Her In Front of Her Family


SMDH…can we go one month without hearing about a police officer using excessive force and killing an unarmed victim who just happens to be black?! This time it was Cleveland police officers who recently killed a 37-year-old African American woman after they slammed her head on the concrete, just outside of her family’s home while her family watched. Read the rest of the details below…

Solange Suffers Mean Allergic Reaction On Her Wedding Day


Solange’s wedding day dress and pictures came out to rave reviews but unfortunately for Solange, her near-perfect day suffered a hiccup when after her face broke out in hives due to an allergic reaction. Check out the details below….

Missy, Timbaland, Zendaya Coleman & The Intertnet All Blast Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic


By now you’ve probably seen all the negative reactions on social media to Lifetime and Wendy Williams’ highly-anticipated Aaliyah biopic  ‘Aaliyah: Princess of R&B’.  Fans were upset with everything from the storyline to the casting. Check out just some of the reactions below from fans, plus reactions from Timbaland, Missy and Zendaya Coleman, the actress originally cast to play the part of Aaliyah but turned it down….

Hot or Not? Solange’s Wedding Dress “Breaks The Internet” [PICS]

Image by Rog Walker

Solange’s wedding dress and pictures “broke the internet” but in a much different way than Kim Kardashian’s nude pictures did earlier this week. Solange’s wedding dress is currently the talk of the town for its unique style and fashion forward concept. Check out some pictures of Solange and the Knowles camp decked in all white below and let us know if it’s Hot or Not?…

Shots Fired! 50 Cent Blasts Jimmy Henchman for Claiming That 50 Was Set To Testify At His Trial


Yup, they’re still going at it! 50 Cent and Jimmy Henchman have been feuding for years and the fact that Jimmy is currently serving a life sentence for drug trafficking and weapons possession charges isn’t stopping it either. Jimmy apparently implied that 50 was preparing to snitch on him at his trial in his interview with Don Diva magazine to which 50 responded in true 50 fashion! Check it out below…

Draya Michele’s Sex Tape Gets Leaked!


Another day, another semi-celebrity sex tape gets leaked! This time the woman in question is Draya Michele from ‘Basketball Wives’ who is ironically the same girl who claimed that her “hoeness” got deleted. Guess not because somebody still had her hoeness stored on their USB! Check out the details and some of the screenshots below…

BET’s 106 & Park Gets Cancelled & Will Air Final Show In December


BET’s long running pre-teen/teen show ‘106 & Park’ will be off the air waves starting in December! Check out the details below…