16-Year-Old Isaiah Cooper Makes History Becoming the Youngest African American Pilot To Complete Cross-Country Flight [VIDEO]


Today’s “Good News of the Day” revolves around a teenage pilot from Compton by the name of Isaiah Cooper who just made aviation history! Check out his inspiring story below…

DNA from Nicki Minaj’s Brother Matches Semen Found On 12-Year-Old Accuser In Child Rape Case


Things aren’t looking good for Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj whom she recently bailed out of jail after he was accused of raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old girl. Prosecutors just revealed that his DNA matches semen found on his 12-year-old accuser’s clothes, and have offered him a deal of 15 years to life! Check out the details plus find out what Nicki previously said should happen to people who abuse children below…

Kane from ‘Money & Violence’ Arrested for Credit Card Scams


Life seems to be imitating art for Nanawoods Napolean a.k.a. Kane from the hit web series ‘Money & Violence’. Check out the details below…

Tyrese Calls Out Jay Z, DJ Khaled & Future: “They Scheduled a Video..I Hope They Scheduled Meetings About Black Men..”


Tyrese is doing some backtracking after calling out Jay Z, DJ Khaled and Future for having the time schedule a video shoot and not scheduling a meeting about the issues currently affecting the black community. Check it out below…

Judge Orders Makeup Artist To Cover Up Nazi’s Racist Tattoos In Court So Jurors Are Not Biased


A Vegas judge took the unusual step of ordering a makeup artist to cover up a white supremacist’s tattoos during his trial so that they don’t influence the jury’s decision. Check out the details below…

Bow Wow Says He Can’t Relate To Black People’s Struggles Because He’s Mixed

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26:  Bow Wow attends "NBA 2K13" Premiere Launch Party at 40 / 40 Club on September 26, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Bow Wow is currently getting roasted on social media for some statements he made after a Twitter user asked him if he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Bow Wow says he doesn’t vote in elections and that he can’t relate to any of the civil rights issues that black people go through because he’s mixed….SMDH. Check it out below…

Bill O’Reilly Says Slaves Who Built the White House “Were Well Fed And Had Decent Lodgings” [VIDEO]


Bill O’Reilly is known for making inflammatory, racially-charged statements but his latest about the slaves who built the white house in Michelle Obama’s amazing speech the other night “were well fed and had decent lodging” definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Check out this asshole guy below…

Dr. Dre Handcuffed In Front of His Home After Alleged Racial Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]


Police handcuffed and searched music mogul Dr. Dre after a man who was blocking Dre’s driveway called the police on him and claimed that Dre was just “another black guy with a gun”. Check out the details below…

Michelle Obama’s Full Speech At the DNC: “I Wake Up Every Morning In a House That Was Built By Slaves” [VIDEO]


In case you missed it, Michelle Obama tore the house down with her speech at the Democratic National Convention last night. Check out her speech in its entirety below…

Too Little Too Late or Right On Time? Michael Jordan Finally Speaks Out On Police Shootings: “I Can No Longer Stay Silent”


After decades of silence regarding social issues, specifically those regarding people of color, NBA legend Michael Jordan finally opened up regarding the recent shootings of African Americans and the targeting of police officers, writing a post to The Undefeated in which he says: “I can no longer stay silent.” Carmelo Anthony, who recently used his platform as an NBA All-Star to call attention to police-related shootings also commented on Jordan finally speaking up. Check out Jordan’s statement and what Carmelo had to say about it below…

Joe Buddens Chases Drake Fans After They Show Up At His Home Taunting Him & the Hilarious Memes That Followed [VIDEO]


Joe Buddens had a hectic weekend chasing down Drake fans who actually showed up to his house to taunt him and troll him by singing Drake lyrics. Video footage shows Joe chasing two different group of OVO Drake fans both on foot and by car which must of been annoying for Joe but it has made for some pretty hilarious memes on social media! Check out the footage and a few of those memes below…

Houston Rappers Unite To Open Accounts At Black-Owned Unity National Bank In Texas


Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of some Houston rappers who put their money where their mouths are in light of all the recent events that have been happening lately…and we’re not talking about their gold teeth either! Check out this inspirational story below…

Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Puts Him On Blast & Blames Him for Biggie’s Death: “You Would’ve Died Just Like Your Father” [VIDEO]


Wow! Rumors that Diddy is the ultimate sleaze ball and that he played a major role in both Biggie’s death and his former bodyguard Wolf’s death have been dogging him for years but never have they come from someone so close to him. Puff’s former bodyguard, Eugene Deal, just shed light on both of those situations and put some of Diddy’s alleged secrets on full blast in this excerpt from a new Biggie documentary coming out soon.  He even exposed Diddy’s father, Melvin Combs, as a snitch who got killed for snitching on his crew! Check out some of his explosive accusations that already have everyone talking below…

Unarmed S. Florida Therapist Shot By Cops with His Hands In the Air While Calming Autistic Patient [VIDEO]


Once again, another controversial police shooting was caught on video. An unarmed behavioral therapist was shot by North Miami police while trying to calm his autistic patient was shot in the leg by police even though he had his hands up. ..

Spike Lee Calls Out Omarosa Over Her New Position As Donald Trump’s “Director of African-American Outreach”


Spike Lee had something to say about Donald Trump appointing one of reality show’s most venomous characters Omarosa Manigault as his “Director of African-American Outreach.” Check out what Spike had to say and Omarosa’s response below…

High School Students Open Actual Bank On School Campus To Teach Financial Literacy


Today’s “Good News of the Day” involves an amazing idea some students and faculty came up with at a high school in North Caroline to help teach financial literacy to our youth! Check out the details below…

Donald Trump’s Camp Blames Hillary Clinton for Melania Trump Stealing Michelle Obama’s Speech? [VIDEO]


Donald Trump’s wife Ivanka Trump gave her first public speech last night at the Republican National Convention and immediately got called out for stealing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention almost word-for-word! Instead of actually owning up to it, Trump’s camp is trying to somehow place the blame on Hillary Clinton?! Check out the video comparisons below and how a Trump aide tried to flip it on Hillary below….

Iowa Rep. Steve King Says Only White People Have Contributed To Society & Non-White “Sub Groups” Have Not [VIDEO]


Wow. Rep. Steve King, known for his racially charged remarks, might have really exposed himself when he stated Monday that non-white “subgroups” have not contributed to civilization. Check out his outrageous remarks below…

Ex-Marine Gavin Eugene Long Identified As Gunman Who Killed 3 Baton Rouge Cops [Video of Him Explaining Himself Inside]


The deceased suspect in the deadly shooting of Baton Rouge law enforcement officers has been identified as ex-Marine Gavin Eugene Long. The alleged suspect appeared to have attacked police on his 29th birthday. Check out the details plus a video that the suspect himself posted to his YouTube account right before the shooting below…

Over 100 Black Celebrities Had a Meeting Last Night, Details Inside


The Game and some of his closest celebrity friends rounded up over 100 of their other celeb friends to come together for a secret meeting in a secret location last night.  Black Hollywood was in full effect as they discussed  race, politics, unaccountable policing and everything else wrecking havoc on America right now. Check out the details and some pics below…