The Story Behind Social Media’s 1st Power Couple, King Keraun & Simone Shepherd [VIDEO]


Gone are the days where if you wanted to be a famous entertainer, you either had to go on TV, star in a movie, or get a record deal. Nowadays, social media platforms are allowing a new generation of social media stars to bypass the traditional gatekeepers and connect directly with their fans! You’ve probably seen one such social media star, Keraun Harris a.k.a. King Keraun, on Instagram, YouTube or Vine. For Keraun, social media has been a life-changer — just a few years ago, before he became a digital celebrity, he was in prison for robbery and credit card abuse. You may have also seen another young lady who also happens to be a social media star by the name of Simone Shepherd. What you may not have known is that these two are actually a couple – a social media power couple! Check out their inspirational love story below…

Florida Man Bursts Into His Pregnant Ex’s Delivery Room, Kicks Her & Tries To Fight Her New Boyfriend


A Miami man, Trayevon Braye, has been arrested after he burst into his ex-girlfriend’s hospital delivery room, kicked the pregnant woman and tried to fight her new boyfriend! Check out the details below…

Outkast’s Big Boi Faces Backlash After Posting Meme Comparing Black Mothers from the 70’s To Today


Outkast’s Big Boi stirred the wrath of ‘black Twitter” with a meme he posted on Memorial Day. The meme basically compared black mothers from the 70’s using Florida Evans form ‘Good Times’ as an example with an unidentified young, woman representing today’s mothers with her sitting backwards in a chair in a thong while her child looked on. Some people applauded Big Boi for making his statement while other fans voiced their disappointment claiming he was a misogynist. Check it out below and let us know what you think…

Bronx Man Charged with Manslaughter After Beating Man Who Tried To Rape His Wife To Death


An enraged husband caught a would-be rapist who had just attacked his wife and beat him to death in the Bronx. Check out the details below…

Louisiana Teen Azariya McClendon Graduates from High School & College On the Same Day!


Today’s “Good News of the Day” centers around a 17-year-old girl by the name of Azariya McClendon. Not only did she did Azariya manage to graduate from both high school and college at the same time, she did it all while juggling being a cheerleader, a softball player, a basketball player and a broken hand?! SMH….check out her inspirational story below….

Troy Ave Arrested After Video Shows Him Shooting In Club Before Shooting Himself Over Alleged Beef with Maino[VIDEO]


Now this is what you call a plot twist! We told you about the shootout at T.I.’s concert last night at Irving Plaza which killed one person and wounded two others, including rapper Troy Ave’s childhood friend – even Troy himself reportedly escaped with a graze wound. Well some newly released video footage shows that Troy Ave was actually the one doing the shooting and police are now saying that Troy may have accidentally shot himself! They claim that Troy had an ongoing simmering beef with fellow Brooklynite and rapper Maino that prompted the gunfire. Check out the story as well as Maino’s response to all the drama below….

One Man Dead & 3 Injured, Including Rapper Troy Ave, After Shots Go Off At T.I. Concert In NYC


Shots went off at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza last night leaving one person killed and three others wounded, including Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave. Check out the details below….

Former Bad Boy Artist Craig Mack Reappears In Controversial S. Carolina Church Kicking Spiritual Rap [VIDEO]


In the midst of the first leg of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour which recently hit the Barclays Arena this past weekend, everyone wondered – where’s Craig Mack? That question was answered after some footage popped up on YouTube featuring Craig Mack kicking a spiritual rap at a controversial church called Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro, South Carolina. Check out the story and footage below of Craig Mack spitting his Godly verse.. he still got bars!

White Football Players Charged In Rape of Black, Disabled Teen with Coat Hanger While Chanting “Notorious KKK”


Here’s an outrageous story the mainstream media is conveniently ignoring. Three white high school football players from Idaho have been charged in the brutal rape of a disabled, black teammate. What makes this even worse is that school officials knew that students had been physically abusing their disabled victim for months and did absolutely nothing to stop it….SMH. Check out this story below but we have to warn you…it is graphic….

Former Harlem Drug Dealer David Norman Graduates From Columbia University At 67 Years Old!


Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of a man by the name of David Norman who at the age of 67 proved that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Bill Cosby Admits To Sexual Encounters with Teens & Says Agency Sent Him Young Models On a Weekly Basis


Just when you thought those rape allegations against Bill Cosby were dying down, things just got worse! Cosby admitted to sexual encounters with teenagers and having an agency send him models on a weekly basis in depositions released just as he learns if his sexual assault case will go to trial. Check out the details below…

School Proposes Ban On Skinny Jeans & Leggings To Prevent “Bigger Girls” from Being Bullied


The New Hanover County School Board in New Hanover, North Carolina recently proposed a new dress code, which bans both skinny jeans and leggings. Apparently, “bigger girls” have been bullied for wearing the tight apparel and school officials are searching for a solution. Check out the details below and let us know what you think…

Arresting Officer In Freddie Gray’s Death Found Not Guilty On All Charges


SMH…here we go again! Freddie Gray arresting officer Edward Nero was found not guilty on all counts by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams Monday morning. Check out the details below…

Angie Martinez Recalls Time She Beat Up Wendy Williams Over Her Then-Boyfriend Q-Tip


Legendary NYC radio host Angie Martinez recently released her new book, “My Voice: A Memoir”. In it, she drops all sorts of tidbits about her life and career, including her days at HOT 97 in New York. One particular story centers around the time she put the paws on Wendy Williams for putting out gay rumors about Angie’s boyfriend at the time, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest! Check out the excerpt from her memoir below…

George Zimmerman Sells the Gun He Used To Kill Trayvon Martin for Over $120K


SMH….Satan himself a.k.a. George Zimmerman has reportedly sold the weapon he used to kill Trayvon Martin with for more than $120,000 on Check out the details himself….

Chinx Drugz’s Mom Accuses Diddy & French Montana of Being Involved In Her Son’s Murder & Diddy Responds [VIDEO]


It has been a year since the tragic passing of popular Far Rockaway, Queens rapper Lionel Pinkens a.k.a. Chinx Drugz and police still have no suspects. The 31 year old rapper and father was shot multiple times, as he drove home from a nightclub where he was performing. During a recent interview at a memorial for Chinx’s passing this week, Chinx’s mother leveled some shocking accusations against Chinx’s good friend and rap partner French Montana and mogul P. Diddy. Ms. Pinkins says that she believes French Montana and Diddy had something to do with her son’s murder and that “they need come see me”! Ms Pickens said she approached French at Lionel’s funeral, and asked him why French “did that” to her son. French reportedly told her that “they did it” because Chinx “wouldn’t listen”. Check it out below…

Ex-Con Earns Doctorate Degree, Then Opens Community College To Help Other Ex-Cons


Today’s “Good News of the Day” involves an ex-con by the name of Daniel Geiter. Daniel describes his former self as “a really good thief.” Now he is a new man with a big idea that just might change lives. Check out this inspirational story below…

George Zimmerman Claims Trayvon’s Parents “Didn’t Raise Their Son Right”


SMDH….George Zimmerman sill isn’t finished rubbing salt into the wounds of Trayvon Martin’s parents..

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Jahnathan Nerette – “Magic”


Just in time for the summer, 19 year old Haitian/Jamaican artist, Jahnathan Nerette is back with his lead single “Magic” off of his 3rd in studio album titled “Magic” dropping May 21‘st on iTunes,Tidal, and other retail outlets. Check it out and let us know what you think…

22-Year-Old Mother Dies In Police Custody After Serious Car Accident & Weeks of Neglect


Here is another important story that most mainstream media outlets have been ignoring. Symone Nicole Marshall, according to her family, was in a brutal car accident on April 26 in which her car flipped over several times before landing in a ditch. Instead of being taken to the hospital, though, she was taken to the Walker County Jail in Huntsville, Tex., about an hour north of Houston. Two weeks later, Symone was found dead and police have no answers as to why. Check out this alarming story below….