Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight Officially Confirmed?!


Can it finally be happening? Wordondastreet is that the long awaited Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight was just confirmed! Check out the details below….

New Orleans Becomes 1st City In U.S. History To End Veteran Homelessness!


Looks like there is hope for this country after all in today’s “Great News of the Day”! For the first time in the U.S. history, New Orleans became the first US city to actually find a home for each and every one of its homeless veterans! Check out this inspirational story below…

50 Cent Makes Public Apology To His Ex Tatted Up Holly After She Threatens To Release Pictures Proving He Was Physically Abusive


We’re not sure what type of dirt this ex-girlfriend has on 50 Cent but it must be good because 50 is not known for apologizing…publicly, at that? Yesterday, we told you how 50 got into it with his ex, who goes by the name of Tatted Up Holly, on Instagram with him calling her “community pu**y” and naming all the celebrities she smashed (Trey Songz, J.R. Smith. etc). Holly responded with a post of her own showing 50  threatened to release pictures which allegedly prove that 50 was physically abusive during their relationship [click here if you missed it]. Both of them ended up taking their posts down not long after and everybody thought it was over. But 50 just got tongues wagging again about an hour ago when he posted a lengthy public apology to Holly and then took it down again? Check it out below…

‘Humans of New York’ Raises $1 Million To Send Students from Brownsville, BK To Harvard University

If you haven’t heard, “Humans Of New York” is  a massively popular photo project that puts a guy by the name of Brandon Stanton and his camera on the streets of New York City, snapping photos of the people he sees and asking them questions about their lives, their memories, their goals, and their fears. One particular picture that Stanton took of 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet from one of the roughest parts of Brooklyn, Brownsville, has gone viral and helped Stanton raise nearly $1 million for Mott Hall Bridges Academy, where Chastanet is in sixth grade! Check out this amazing story below…

Jagged Edge Member Arrested for Shoving His Fiancee’s Engagement Ring Down Her Throat


This guy just took the crown for the weirdest form of domestic violence we’ve heard in a while. Jagged Edge member Kyle L. Norman was arrested for beating his fiancée and shoving the engagement ring he bought for her down her throat! Check out the details below…

Suge Knight Dissed Puffy On Instagram for Posting Picture with Tupac Right Before His Fatal Hit & Run Accident


Apparently, Suge Knight was already feeling some type of way before his hit and run accident yesterday that left one man dead and got Suge thrown in jail with a $2 million dollar bail [click here if you missed it]. Prior to running up on Dr. Dre and Ice Cube on the set of their new N.W.A. biopic and running over 3 men with his car, Suge was on Instagram throwing shots at his arch nemesis Diddy! Check it out below…

Teen Killed After His Friend Acts Out Lyrics To Waka Flocka’s ‘Bustin At ‘Em’ & Accidentally Shoots Him


SMH..In today’s ‘Dummy of the Day’ we have a Florida man who accidentally shot and killed his friend while acting out the lyrics to Waka Flocka’s song “Bustin’ At ‘Em”. Check out this dummy’s story below…

Update: Missing 16-Year-Teen Old Found Shacked Up With Her 33-Year-Old Boyfriend [VIDEO]


Yesterday, we told you the story of missing 16-year-old Aysia Monique Lewis who was last seen leaving her high school with a 33-year-old man by the name of Donald Bruce Quesenberry, Jr. [click here if you missed it]. We have some good news to report as Aysia was found safe and unharmed shacked up with her older boyfriend! Check out the details below…

50 Cent’s Ex Tatted Up Holly Claims He Beat Her After 50 Exposes Celebs She Slept With


50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend Tatted Up Holly entertained millions of social media users tonight by taking their beef with eachother to the ‘gram (Instagram) and exposing eachother. 50 Cent accused Holly of being “community pu**y” who slept with Trey Songz (him again?!) and J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks while Holly threatened to release proof that 50 had been physically abusive during their relationship. Kermit the Frog will be loving all the tea that was spilled tonight! Check out the details

Suge Knight Fatally Injures Man In Hit & Run Accident [VIDEO]


In what sounds like a scene straight out of Fox’s dramatic hip hopera show ‘Empire’, Suge Knight is about to turn himself in to authorities after he bumrushed a Dr. Dre and Ice Cube movie shoot in Compton and ended up running over his own friend with a car fatally injuring the man and fleeing the scene. Check out this crazy story below…

Missing 16-Year-Old Aysia Lewis Teen Believed To Have Run Off With Older Man


Help us find this missing 16-year-old girl! Check out the details below…

Shots Fired! Iggy Azalea Responds To Jill Scott & Eve Dissing Her Fake “Blaccent” [VIDEO]


Iggy Azalea has been getting called out a lot recently for her inauthenticity and mediocre music and we can now add Philly natives Jill Scott and Eve to that list of unimpressed people. After Jill Scott and Eve weighed in on the ongoing discussion of cultural appropriation in hip-hop last week and targeted Iggy Azalea’s “blaccent” as an example of her lacking originality, the Australian rapper has responded. Check out the details below…

Woman Who Married Herself Says She Did It Out of “Self Love” Not Desperation [VIDEO]


By now, you’ve probably heard the story about the woman who threw a huge, elaborate wedding for herself (no groom or anything!) for her 40th birthday [click here if you missed it].  Well, she is finally speaking out and telling her reasoning behind her…uh..unique solo wedding with no husband to show for it. Check it out below…

Did Ludacris Win Primary Custody of His Daughter Because of His Celebrity Status?


Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: a father winning full custody of his child over the mother? That’s exactly what happened after Ludacris got what he was after in family court . The judge just gave him primary physical custody of his 1-year-old daughter  but the decision still has people scratching their heads. Check out the details below…

Girlfriend Slips & Falls Off Cliff After Jumping In Excitement Because Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her


Now this is a sad, bizarre story. A woman tragically died in Ibiza after falling over a cliff as she celebrated a marriage proposal from her boyfriend! Check out the details below…

J. Cole Turns the House He Grew Up In Into Rent-Free Haven for Single Mothers


Today’s ‘Good News of the Day’ comes courtesy of one of our favorite rappers of this new generation, J. Cole.  J.Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive album literally and figuratively invited fans into his childhood home. Now, Cole is apparently taking it a step further and recently announced plans to use the house as a rent-free haven for single mothers with multiple children. Check out the details below…

Mayor Calls 911 To Report Burglary, Police Show Up, Beat Her Up & Arrest Her?! [VIDEO]


SMDH…the biggest gang in America strikes again! Just when you thought you heard it all in regards to out-of-control police officers, Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town was assaulted and arrested by police after she called 911 to report a burglary in her apartment complex! Check out the details below…

Kanye West Gives French Designer Permission To Name His Clothing Line “Last Ni–as In Paris”?


SMH…when did Kanye become the spokesperson for all black people and the go-to person for white people who want permission to use the word ni**a? Now, Kanye has been known to throw epic tantrums about the rampant racism in the fashion industry which makes his latest move of giving a French designer permission to name his upcoming clothing line “N*ggas in Paris” even more contradictory. Check out the details below…

Queens Man Who Reportedly Posted His HIV Positive Test On Social Media Claims His Account Was Hacked [VIDEO]


Just in case you needed more reasons to practice safe sex, we have the story of an Instagram user from Jamaica, Queens by the name of @IM_Always_Up456 who shocked the social media community when he allegedly posted his HIV positive status on Instagram along with the fact that he was also carrying both Herpes 1 and Herpes 2 (mouth and genitalia). His story quickly went viral and as his story spread, so did the outrage at his admission that he knew he was sick yet still continued to put people at risk. Well now, the man behind the story has come out to defend himself with a youtube video claiming that the story is totally untrue and that his Instagram account was hacked by a bitter ex-girlfriend. Check out the story and his response video below…

Jill Scott Reveals Why She Only Dates Men for 6 Months


Actress/Singer Jill Scott sat down with ABC News Radio to dish on her latest project, Lifetime’s With This Ring – in which she co-stars alongside Regina Hall and rapper Eve. During the interview, Jill revealed an interesting tidbit about how she only dates men for 6 months max. Check it out below…