Try this Scrap Metal Recycling in Nassau County, NY

Are you a homeowner with unwanted metal clutter? A contractor with excess materials? An industrial facility seeking responsible disposal solutions? Look no further than Crestwood Metal, your one-stop shop for scrap metal recycling in Nassau County, NY.

Why Scrap Metal Recycling Matters

Scrap metal recycling isn’t just about clearing space; it’s a vital step in preserving our environment and conserving valuable resources. By recycling metals like aluminum, copper, steel, and brass, we reduce the need for new mining operations, lower energy consumption, and decrease pollution.

Crestwood Metal: Your Nassau County Recycling Experts

Crestwood Metal has been a leader in the scrap metal recycling industry. We proudly serve Nassau County and the surrounding areas, offering:

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer top dollar for your scrap metal, ensuring you get a fair return on your materials.
  • Convenient Services: Our facilities are easily accessible, and we offer a variety of drop-off and pick-up options to suit your needs.
  • Expertise: Our experienced team can identify and sort all types of scrap metal, ensuring you receive the correct value for your materials.
  • Responsible Practices: We adhere to strict environmental standards, ensuring all recycling processes are safe and sustainable.

What We Accept

Crestwood Metal accepts a wide range of scrap metal, including:

  • Aluminum: Cans, siding, extrusions, and more
  • Copper: Wire, pipes, tubing
  • Steel: Appliances, beams, structural steel
  • Brass: Fixtures, fittings, valves
  • …and much more!

Unsure if we accept your materials? Give us a call or visit our website for a comprehensive list along with how you can donate computers dekalb county.

How to Recycle with Crestwood Metal

Recycling your scrap metal with us is easy:

  1. Gather Your Materials: Collect your unwanted scrap metal.
  2. Contact Us: Give us a call or visit our website to get a quote and schedule a drop-off or pick-up.
  3. Get Paid: We’ll weigh your materials and pay you top dollar on the spot.

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