Industry Muscle Presents Part 10 of “RapStar the Series: That’s What’s Shakin'” [VIDEO]

From executive producers Jermaine “Maino” Coleman and James “Kraze” Billings comes an all too real and true to life story about the music industry and how the system can manipulate relationships, business and loyalty…

11-Year-Old Sidney Keys III Creates “Books N Bros” Book Club To Encourage Reading Among His Peers

Today’s “Good News of the Day” comes courtesy of an 11-year-old boy whose goal is to spread his passion for reading to other young boys his age! Six months ago, 11-year-old St. Louisan Sidney Keys III started a reading club for boys his age to band together in their love of books. He calls it Books N Bros, and the club has an emphasis on making reading fun while lifting up African American literature and culture! Check out the details below…..

Teen Who Killed Her Newborn Baby By Tossing Her Out of Window Receives No Jail Time?

SMH….In yet another example of how screwed up our justice system is, a Nebraska teenager who killed her premature baby girl by tossing the newborn out a second story window was ordered to delete her Facebook account, and somehow avoided jail time. After killing the baby, she then reportedly texted her boyfriend on Snapchat, “It was a girl by the way,” and admitted her crime to her mother! Check out the details below….

Dame Dash Says Biggie “Planned To Sign To Roc-A-Fella” Before He Passed Away [VIDEO]

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Dame Dash says that Biggie was in the midst of cutting his ties with Puffy and Bad Boy to join his boy Jay Z at Roc-A-Fella Records! Check it out below…

Atlantic City Honors Muslim Man Who Broke Up Teen Fight In Viral Video [VIDEO]

Atlantic City, New Jersey, honored the good Samaritan who brought peace to two fighting teens in a video that has received more than 31 million views.  Ibn Ali Millers’ comments during his press conference further prove what a great man he really is! Check it out below…

Army Vet Who Drove 200 Miles To Kill a Black Man Says Interracial Relationships Drove Him Mad

SMH….These are the real terrorists! The white Army vet intent on killing black men who quenched his racist thirst by driving a sword through a homeless black man in Midtown says that interracial relationships were his motivator. Check out the details below…

American College Students Chant “Build That Wall” While On Spring Break In Cancun, Mexico

SMH….This is why some countries hate American tourists. A large group of American spring breakers reportedly traveled all the way to Mexico only to demand a physical barrier be built between the two nations—with them on the other side. Check out the details below…

Donald Trump Takes Credit for Colin Kaepernick Not Being Picked Up By Any NFL Teams [VIDEO]

SMH….This guy! With everything going on in the world right now, our President Donald Trump, surprisingly brought up NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling-national anthem protest during his recent campaign speech in Kentucky. Trump basically bragged about being the reason that NFL owners haven’t picked up the controversial free agent . Check out the embarrassing footage below…

Real Talk: Video of OG Stopping Fight Between 2 Teens with Words of Wisdom Goes Viral

A video of a neighborhood OG stepping in and stopping a fight between two teens is going viral and for good reason! While everyone had their camera phones out ready to catch a “Worldstar” moment, the OG stepped in like a real man and diffused the situation with words of wisdom. Mainstream media doesn’t like to show positive images of black men like this so that’s what we’re here for! Check out this touching video below and let us know what you think….

Industry Muscle Presents “Rap Star the Series” Part 8: “Family Matters”

From executive producers Jermaine “Maino” Coleman and James “Kraze” Billings comes an all too real and true to life story about the music industry and how the system can manipulate relationships, business and loyalty.

Synopsis: Rap Star the series: In the latest RapStar preview Everyone is getting ready for Milly’s Big birthday bash that he has every year. Milly seems to be out of the spirit but LAH cheers him up. Tone still trying to figure out if he is going to mess with his brother or not but Crazy C tries to push him to go.Glizzy makes a trip to Long island on a surprise visit to his dads. Only to discover he has another family that he is raising which puts his dad (Robert) in a peculiar situation. Milly Buckz meets up with 821 Lobby boys on the strength of New York City’s hottest DJ Superstar Jay and listens to their music.From Executive producers Jermaine ” Maino” Coleman and James”Kraze” Billings. Assitant Director :Kadeem Huggins

W.O.D.S. Artist Spotlight: Fred Kelly – Pray On It

Check out hot new “W.O.D.S. Approved” music from Cali’s own Fred Kelly!

Pregnant 19-Year-Old Model Killed While Posing for Photo Shoot On Train Tracks

Some sad news to report as it has been confirmed that a pregnant 19-year-old Texas woman was fatally struck by a train while having photos taken of her on the tracks in a bid to launch her modeling career. Check out the details below…

Donald Trump Lashes Out At Snoop Dogg Over Controversial New Video Where He Shoots “Trump Clown”

Donald Trump is upset about Snoop Dogg’s new video with its mock execution of a clown dressed up as him and as usual, took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. Check it out below…

NYPD Cop Receives Only 3 Years In Prison for Repeatedly Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

In more proof that penalties for police misconduct are an exasperating joke, an NYPD cop just got a slap-on-the-wrist punishment for repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl! SMH Check out the enraging details below…

Mother of 14-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide On FB Live Stream Watched & Mocked Her In Comment Section?!

SMDH….this is one of the craziest stories we’ve heard and that’s saying a lot. A mother actually watched her own daughter commit suicide online and mocked her in the comment section while she did it!? Check out the infuriating details below….

‘Get Out’ Actor Responds To Samuel L. Jackson’s Criticism of Him: “I Resent That I Have To Prove That I’m Black”

The star of the hit movie ‘Get Out’, British actor Daniel Kaluuya, is responding to Samuel L. Jackson’s criticism of casting a Brit to play the lead role of an African American male in the film. Samuel basically said that he would’ve preferred seeing an African American play the role as the boyfriend,”Because Daniel grew up in a country where they have been interracial dating for 100 years”, and may have missed some of the nuances that a Black American would have brought to it. Check out Daniel Kaluuya’s response to Samuel L’s criticism and let us know who YOU agree with…

Nicki Minaj Claps Back at Remy Ma On “No Frauds” & Allegedly Gets Nas To Pull “Shether” from Soundcloud [AUDIO]

Nicki Minaj finally responded to Remy Ma on a newly released reunion track which she dropped late Wednesday night called “No Frauds” featuring her estranged Young Money label mates Drake and Lil Wayne. In it, she accuses Remy of using her husband Papoose as a ghostwriter, shooting her friend over $1000, leaving her son behind while she went to jail, failing to get a Jay Z feature, getting plastic surgery and much more. Lil Wayne and Drake rapped after but made no mention of Remy’s name. Wordondastreet is that Nicki also put a call in to Nas, who owns the publishing to the original “Ether”, to get Remy’s version pulled from Soundcloud. Nas allegedly “left the song up on iTunes so that he can make a BAG off of it. But he’s basically banned Remy from performing the song live.” Check out the lyrics to Nicki’s clap back and some of the details about Nas’ role in this below and let us know what you think?

Morehouse College Pres. Admits Donald Trump Used HBCU Presidents for a Photo Op: “We Got Played”

SMH…. After reviewing Donald Trump’s executive order on HBCUs, Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. issued a statement admitting that Donald Trump’s heavily publicized 2 day meeting with over 100 HBCU presidents was nothing more than a publicity stunt and that they all “got played”. Check out the details below…

Remy Ma Releases “Another One”, Part 2 of Her Nicki Minaj Diss [AUDIO]

Remy Ma apparently isn’t finished with Nicki Minaj yet! Borrowing Drake’s “Back 2 Back” diss track against Nicki’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, Remy Ma just dropped “Another One”. Check it out below and let us know what YOU think….

42 Year-Old Woman Charged with Having Sex with 3 Members of High School Football Team

Once again, a California woman was arrested after she was accused of engaging in sexual activity with three members of the Mount Shasta High School football team, Siskiyou County. Check out the details below…